12/27/2016 Tuesday

Ashburn CrossFit – CrossFit


(5min) Run 400m

– At 100m perform 15 Air Squats

– At 200m perform 15 Good Mornings

– At 300m perform 15 Pushups

– At 400m perform 15 Situps

(5min) Static Holds

Alternate these movements:

– Hollow Rock QUICK SCALE: Bend Knees to keep back supported by the ground

– Superman (arms + legs off the ground)

15sec each movement + 15sec rest

5 Rounds

– Goal is to not touch the ground with any part of your arms/legs when flipping over.

Workout Prep

(5min) Review WB and KB Situps. Everyone should perform a few reps here.

(10min) Prep for Workout – Practice the ‘awkwardness’ of the movements:

100m MB Run

10 MB Situps

100m KB Run

10 KB Situps

– Rest and then finish prepping for workout.


Metcon (Time)

3 Rounds:

Run 200m with a MB (20/14lbs)

20 Wall Ball Situps

Run 200m with KB (24/16kgs)

20 KB Situps
Rx and Rx+ are the same.


3 Rounds:

Run 200m with a MB

20 Situps

Run 200m with KB

20 Situps

For the Wall Ball Situps, have the athletes seated with their feet about a foot away from the wall. They then perform a situp on the abmat and on the way up, they throw the ball towards the wall just slightly up from the floor. Let the ball land on the ground

before retrieving it and performing the next rep. The ball should land just before your legs.

They can hold the KB anyhow for the run, play around with different methods in the warmup to figure out the most ‘comfortable.’

For the situps, hold the KB towards chest while performing situps on an abmat.

The load is set moderately for both the MB and KB. Nothing should be too heavy that they can’t keep moving at a consistent pace.

The workout should take around 20-25min (on the slower side).

Cool Down

Accumulate 5min in a Back Bridge (scale as needed)

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