12/29/2016 Wednesday

Ashburn CrossFit – CrossFit


(5-10min) Jumping Warmup

With a 15 or 25lb plate, 10 reps of each:

Double Footed Jumps (on/off)

Single Footed Jumps (fast feet)

Lateral Jumps (on/off across to the other side and back again)

Jumping Jack Jumps (both feet on plate/then one foot on each side)

Burpee + Jump on Plate

– With any time remaining here, perform 1 dynamic hamstring mobility drill and 1 dynamic shoulder mobility drill.

(10min) Handstand Holds

Hold a Handstand QUICK SCALE: Walk feet as high up the wall as possible or hold a Plank


(5min) Briefly review movements and their scales

(10min) Prep for Workout:

2 Rounds:

1 Handstand Walking attempt —– scale to 10 hand release on wall for practice for those not doing handstand walking (or 10 superman release in a plank – lift left hand/right leg off ground at same time and hold for few seconds)

10 Box Jumps – preferably jump up, step off

10 Good Mornings

(20min) Perform workout


Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)

5 Rounds:

1min: Handstand Hold

1min: Good Mornings (45/33)

1min: Over Box Burpees (20″)

1min: Rest

5 Rounds:

1min: Plank Hold

1min: Good Mornings or RDL’s

1min: Over Plate Burpees

1min: Rest


5 Rounds:

1min: Handstand Walk

1min: Good Mornings (45/33)

1min: Over Box Burpees (24″)

1min: Rest

A total of 15min of work, with 5min of that focused on getting vertical in some way. The other 10min are going to be about ‘cardio’ output.

Use the rest time to slow your heart rate down and prepare for the next round.

Beyond Rxd: make a note of how far they handstand walk each round and either match it or try go a little further each round. If they are on

the cusp of doing handstand walking, they can scale to hand releases on the wall.

For the Over Box Burpees, they need to perform a burpee facing the box, jump on or over the box facing forward, not laterally.

Rxd: The goal is to hold a handstand for the full 1min. Scale up to wall facing if needed or down to feet walking up wall.

Same goes for burpee for Beyond Rxd.

Fitness: the goal is to hold a plank for the full 1min. Perform a burpee facing a plate, jump over the plate and repeat. If they need to jump/step up on plate first then over, that is fine too.

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