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Kids’ Fitness:

Keeping our kids fit can be a struggle these days. There are long days sitting in school, homework at home, and time to relax in front of a screen. And it’s not as easy to send your kids out to play these days. We worry about their safety, our backyards might be smaller, or non existent. Schools get less and less recess time. But, more and more, we are learning that movement is integral to good brain development in children. Many of our kids these days are involved in organized sports, which is great! But for those who dislike sports, or who are not ready for the commitment of travel teams…….. what to do? CrossFit.

CrossFit for kids, especially young children, is not like CrossFit for adults. Children have different needs at different ages. One of the things that makes CF so fabulous for adults is that it is based on scaleable functional movements. Functional, meaning we can take it outside the gym, and it makes our lives easier. We use our bodies in the gym like we use them outside the gym! All of these basic movements are scaleable for kids too!

My young elementary classes center around games and animal movements, and the basic air squat. Kids get to be silly and practice building coordination and stamina as well as basic healthy movement patterns.

Middle schoolers can use light weights once basic functional movements are mastered. Their WODs begin to look a little bit more like the adult WODs, but we still include games and fun!

Teens classes are very similar to adult classes, but always keep the needs of teens in mind. Yes, we use weights, but carefully. Movement patterns are established first. Then weights can be added as long as the movement patterns are strong. If form begins to break down at all, we take the weight away. Most of the WODs include body weight movements, which can be mixed and matched to provide quite the workout! After all, CF is designed to improve your endurance, stamina, strength, flexibility, power, speed, coordination, agility, balance, and accuracy! A lot of great stuff happened in a CrossFit gym!

What I love about CF for any age is the confidence that comes along with it! Every athlete, big or small, has moments when they think, “I never thought I could do that! Wow!” The teens are usually a little lower key about it though. 🙂

Take a look at these nine reasons that kids should do CrossFIt.

If you have any questions about kids and CrossFIt, or want your child to try a free class, email me.


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