02/01/2017 Wednesday

Ashburn CrossFit – CrossFit


(5min) Get warm with Shoulder Prep — with a light set of Plates (2.5-5lbs)

Perform the movements from the first 2min of Shoulder Complex #1

Arm Circles

Flexion Overhead


Wall Slides

(10min) Create a Circuit for them to complete (they can start at any station):

Row 10 Cals

6 Cartwheels (3 one direction, 3 the other)

30 Single Unders

10 False Grip Ring Rows

4 Kick up to a Handstand + 5sec Pause, kick down — QUICK SCALE: 3 Wall Walks

4 Box Muscle Ups (see video in Fitness WOD portion)

2 Rounds

Workout Prep & Workout should take roughly 40 mins

(10min) Review Handstand Pushup and Muscle Up as a group:

(5min) Handstand Pushup

5 Negative Handstand Pushup Lowers — QUICK SCALE: Use 1-2 Abmats (no more), or perform 5 Slow Pike Pushups with a pause in the bottom position.

5 Strict Handstand Pushups — QUICK SCALE: 3 Wall Walks, or repeat Pike Pushups above.

5 Kipping Pushups OR whatever scale they will use for the Workout

(5min) Muscle Up

5 Transitional Muscle Ups — Low Rings, include False Grip + Jump to Dip, or if people can Dip out unassisted, have them do that.

3 Strict Muscle Up Attempts — For people close to getting a Muscle Up, use Bands here to assist them. QUICK SCALE: 3-5 Strict Pullups OR Negative Lowers from top of Pullup Bar.

3-4 Muscle Ups OR whatever scale they will use for the Workout

(5-10min) Prep Round — Perform 1 round with slightly modified reps to determine whether they can maintain the ACTUAL reps for each movement.

Min 1: 8-12 Cal Row

Min 2: 6-8 HSPU

Min 3: 30 Double Unders

Min 4: 2-3 Muscle Ups

* These numbers are designed for Rxd, so adjust up or down as needed for Beyond Rxd/Fitness.

* On completion, have them decide if they need to adjust their numbers or movements. Keep in mind that they didn’t perform the full reps per round.


Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)

5 Rounds:

Min 1: 15/10 Cal Row

Min 2: 10 Handstand Pushup

Min 3: 40 Double Unders

Min 4: 4 Muscle Ups

Min 1: 10/8 Cal Row

Min 2: 10 Pike Pushup

Min 3: 40 Fast Feet Jumps

Min 4: 4 Box Muscle Ups

Rxd: The goal is to pick a rep scheme and movement modification that is challenging across the five rounds. The last round should feel really hard to get through within the time limit. They should be aiming to have at least 10-15sec remaining at the end of each minute to recover for the next movement. If, after performing the ‘practise’ round they don’t think they will achieve this, then they should think about scaling the reps or movements. The Row and the Double Unders are designed to make them breathe a little harder before having to perform the HSPU and Muscle Ups.

* During their last round, this 10-15sec will most likely be down to 5-10sec. If people start going over the time, have them decrease their reps on the next set to something manageable, or scale the movement on the fly for them.

Athletes who want to be competitive in the Open should attempt the Rxd category. Athletes who want to perform the Open as Rxd but don’t have a lot of Handstand Pushups or Muscle Ups should perform the movements Rxd but decrease the reps to something they know they can get done within the minute. The intensity will go down for the Workout, but that is ok for today. Use this time for them to practise these movements under fatigue.

For today, scale the Handstand Pushups to 3-4 Wall Walks per minute. Try to avoid using too many Abmats beyond the Warmup/Prep portion of the Workout as a scale. To scale further, use Pike Pushups and have them perform 10 within the minute.

For today, scale the Muscle Ups to 4-5 Strict Pullups. Let them use a thin band if needed to achieve these, otherwise scale further to Jumping Bar Muscle Ups (make these hard if you choose to have them do it).

Fitness: Rather than focusing on the skills (handstand Pushup/Muscle Up) for the Workout, make it more about intensity. Keep the reps high and the movements manageable.

01/31/2017 Tuesday

Ashburn CrossFit – CrossFit


(5min) Bulletproof Shoulders Warmup

10 Supinated Grip Shoulder Press x 10 empty barbell

10 Ring Row with 4sec Negative (that means slow going back down)

5 Rounds

(15min) Bulletproof Shoulders Re-Testing Session #2

PART ONE: High Pull

1 set of max reps 1 Arm High Pull at 30% of your bodyweight with Right Arm

Rest 2-3min

1 set of max reps 1 Arm High Pull at 30% of your bodyweight with Left Arm

Rest 4min

PART TWO: 1 Arm Shoulder Press

1 set of max reps 1 Arm Shoulder Press at 30% of your bodyweight with Left Arm

Rest 2-3min

1 set of max reps 1 Arm Shoulder Press at 30% of your bodyweight with Right Arm

PART THREE: 1 Arm Farmers Carry

Establish your max weight for 100m on each arm in 1-2 sets.

* Remember, it is 100m for EACH arm. Rest between Arms.

Workout Prep & Workout should take roughly 35 mins

(5min) Review Power and Squat Clean

Deadlift – Hang Power Clean – Power Clean – Front Squat – Hang Squat Clean – Squat Clean

* Use an empty Barbell.

(10min) Prep for Cleans

Work up to their Workout with:

2 Power Cleans + 2 Squat Cleans

3 Rounds

* Do this as a complex and add some load each round.

2 Power Cleans

1 Squat Clean

3 Rounds

* Do any way and add load each round.

* The last round should be done at their working weight. Make adjustments as needed.

* If you have any desire, make them do a couple of Burpees to warm up the movement. ?


Metcon (Time)

30 Power Clean (70% 1RM)

Rest 2min

30 Burpee

Rest 2min

20 Squat Clean

Rest 2min

20 Burpee

20 Power Clean

Rest 2min

20 Burpee

Rest 2min

20 Front Squats

Rest 2min

20 Burpee

Rxd: The load is intended to be heavy today. The Power Cleans will most likely feel a little lighter than the Squat Cleans, especially since they will be fresh while they are performing them. The goal should be at least 5 reps unbroken per set in that first set of 30 reps. If people have to start the Power Cleans off with less reps per set, then they should probably go a little lighter. By the time they get to the Squat Cleans, they may be down to 1 rep per set. That is fine, as long as the break between each rep isn’t too long. Some people may not be able to Squat Clean what they can Power Clean. Ideally, they should use the same load, so you can have them dictate their Power Clean based on what they think they can Squat Clean for 20 reps, or you can have them use two separate loads. If the Power Clean is too light, then use different loads. We will leave this up to you.

We want your athletes to attack each piece as hard as they can. The reps are just enough so that they should be able to get through them with the same intensity across the whole effort. The rest periods will help a lot with recovery, allowing them to start the next effort with 100% each time. The only set that will need a little more smart planning is the Squat Cleans. Have them think about how they want to tackle it before starting. If they want to do 1’s, 3’s or 5’s, etc., make sure they monitor their rest between these sets and don’t take long between each set.

Aim for around 20min. Top athletes will go sub 20min, while some who are being really challenged by the load will go over 20min. The limiting factor will be the Squat Cleans.

Fitness: Keep both sets as Power Cleans, or you can switch out Front Squats for the second set if you like. They should use a moderately heavy weight that they can Clean for at least 5 reps at a time. Use the same load for the second set of Cleans/Squats.

01/30/2017 Monday

Ashburn CrossFit – CrossFit


(5min) Warmup

5 Thoracic Rotations

5 Yoga Pushups

5 PVC Shoulder Pass Throughs

3 Rounds

(15min) Bulletproof Shoulders Re-Testing Session #1

PART ONE: Perform Upper Body Movement Screen (repeat for comparison and any improvement)

PART TWO: Complete one set to failure of Supinated Grip Chest to Bar Pullups

* These should be done Strict

* Scale to Regular Strict Pullups, or a hard version of Inverted Bar Row. (repeat the same movement they did when they tested)

Rest 4min

PART THREE: Shoulder Press (Double Arm)

Establish your 10 rep Max in 3 sets or less.

* Keep the same pace on the way up as you do on the down

Rest 3min

PART FOUR: 1 Arm Overhead Carry

Establish a Max weight for 100m in 3 sets or less for each arm

* Ideally 1-2 sets to avoid too much fatigue. They need to perform 100m individually with both arms for a total of 200m. Rest between each arm.

(10min) Prep for Workout

* Perform 2 rounds of the Workout (half reps) as the Prep to review and warmup the movements.

5 Weighted Lateral Stepups — left side

50m Crab Walk

5 Weighted Lateral Stepups — right side

50m Bear Crawl

* Use their Working weight in round 2.


Metcon (Time)

3 Rounds:

10 Weighted Lateral Step Ups (55/25lbs) – 1DB

50m Crab Walk

10 Weighted Lateral Step Ups

50m Bear Crawl

3 Rounds:

10 Lateral Step Ups

50m Crab Walk

10 Lateral Step Ups

50m Bear Crawl

Today and tomorrow we will be repeating the Bulletproof Shoulders tests. We hope everyone sees some improvement, whether it be in strength, mobility or skill acquisition. We have allocated 15min to get it done, but it might take a little longer. We have left some time at the end, and if you need it, just omit the cool down portion.

For the Weighted Lateral Step Ups: Have your athletes use 1DB held at their side. Hold the weight in the opposite side that they are stepping up with. They should perform 10 Step Ups on one leg in the first set, then 10 on the other leg in the second set. They need to step all the way up on to the box, and all the way off each rep with both feet. This will be a new movement for a lot of your athletes.

Crab Walking and Bear Crawling may seem like silly movements to add into Workouts until you have actually performed them in a Workout. They pack quite the punch and put people into positions they don’t particularly feel comfortable in. They aren’t as sexy as a Pullup, but they are just as effective.

WOD Goal

For everyone, make the goal to perform all the movements well. These movements are easy to cut corners with, so make sure people step all the way onto the box each rep and stand all the way up on the Step Ups, and they keep their hips high on the Crab Walks. You can create a standard for your Bear Crawl, whether it be legs straight, or any way, we will leave it up to you.

The DB load is light – moderate. The awkwardness of the movement is what will limit people, not the weight. Scale appropriately.

It’s a relatively quick Workout. Aim for 6-10min to complete the Workout.

Fitness: We have omitted the load for the Step Ups. They should be able to perform everything else ok. If people have trouble with their wrists in the Crab Walk, you can have them double up on the Bear Crawl, or they can do Walking Lunges instead.

Cool Down

With any time remaining (the re-testing may take a little longer), have them perform Under the Body Thoracic Stretch and Flexi Swimmer Stretch (1min each).

01/29/2017 Sunday

Ashburn CrossFit – CrossFit


(7min) Hip Prep Warmup

Big Walking Lunges across the gym

Sumo Squats across the gym (wide Squats)

Jiu Jitsu Hip Prep across the gym

10 Banded Good Mornings

20 steps Banded Glute Activations each direction

(8min) Box Jump Prep

1. 8 Lateral Step Ups each side (keep the foot on the box the whole time when stepping up and down, and tap the ground with the other foot)

2. 8 x Jump up/step down on 20” box or lower

3. 3 x 4 Jump up/step down

* Add a little height to each round, until you get to a height that you feel a little uncomfortable doing for reps of 4.

* Use this as an opportunity for people who have been scared in the past to jump, practise jumping up onto something.

* The last round should be the height they want to use for the Workout.

Workout Prep & Workout should take roughly 30 – 35 mins

(5-10min) Review Deadlift and DB Front Squat as a group

* Use an empty Barbell for the Deadlift and a light set of Dumbbells for the Front Squats.

* Perform as many reps as needed to have them moving well.

(10min) Prep for Workout



DB Front Squats

* Add load each round.

* The last load should be at their working weight.


Metcon (Time)

5 Rounds:

11 Deadlift (225/155lbs)

11 DB Front Squat (45/25lbs)

11 Box Jump (24/20″)

5 Rounds:

11 Deadlift

11 DB Front Squat

11 Plate Jumps

Rxd: The Deadlift load is moderately heavy. They should be able to perform all 5 rounds unbroken. The last two rounds will probably feel a little sluggish, but they will still be able to get through it. Scale appropriately.

During the Warmup, focus on setting their shoulders back. Seems like a menial cue, but a lot of people don’t actively engage their shoulders while they Deadlift and are missing out on a huge stability/strength piece in not doing so. We guarantee if people try hard with setting their shoulders and squeezing their lats at the lighter loads and hold it during the whole Workout, they will feel it the next day.

The DB Front Squats should feel light to manageable. Make sure people scale accordingly. Just because the Rxd weight is something they can lift, doesn’t necessarily mean they should use it. Can they do all 5 rounds fast and unbroken? If they can, great, use the weight. If not, go a little lighter.

Challenge everyone to go a little higher than normal on the Box Jumps. They should be able to turn them over relatively quickly, but these will be the limiting factor in the Workout for most athletes. If 24inches seems like a big jump from 20inches, add a plate to the box to go slightly higher. For a lot of athletes it is more of a mental barrier than anything, so use the Warmup to make them comfortable with the height they are going to perform.

Each round should take around 90sec-2min. With the first rounds taking a little quicker and the last few a little longer. We have allocated up to 12min to get it done. Top performers will most likely go sub 10min and the majority will take around 10min.

Fitness: Have them choose loads that they can manage for 11 reps for both movements. Make technique the main focus. Ideally, have everyone jumping today. Even if it is on a low box/plate. If they are unable to jump, perform Step Ups onto a higher box than normal.

Cool Down

Spend 1-2min each side in the Pigeon Stretch plus Lacrosse Ball

01/26/2017 Thursday

Ashburn CrossFit – CrossFit


(5min) Warmup

Run 100m

5 Zombie Inchworms + Pushup

Run 100m

5 Handstand Kick Ups — Kick up, hold for 5sec, kick down. QUICK SCALE: 10 Get Down/Get Ups

Run 100m

5 Wall Climbs — QUICK SCALE: Climb as high as they can

(5min) Partner Mobility

30sec each Partner Hanging Thoracic Stretch

3 Rounds

(10min) Bulletproof Shoulders Session #13

1 Arm High Pull : 3 x 10 each arm @ mod-heavy load (the last set of 10 reps should be really challenging)

* Use the same load as they used for Session #3 and #8

Rest 45 sec between arms

Workout Prep & Workout should take roughly 30 mins

(15min) Workout Prep

5sec Ring Plank Hold + 5 Pushups

Rest as needed

10 Cherry Pickers or Hand releases while in Handstand Hold — QUICK SCALE: Handstand Hold. Or make it harder by doing a wall facing Handstand Hold.

2 Rounds

Do a 100m with their MB so they can practise how to run with it and to determine the weight they want to use.

Then, spend some time working up to Handstand Walking/or attempts. Work in partners and assist each other by holding/supporting feet.

* If people are nowhere near doing this, have them set up their Box for their Round the World modifications.


Metcon (Time)

2min Handstand Walking

2min Handstand Hold

400m MB Carry (20/14lbs)

2min Ring Pushup

2min Ring Plank Hold

400m MB Carry

2min Plank Get Down/Get Ups

2min Plank Hold

400m MB Carry

2min Pushup

2min Plank Hold

400m MB Carry

To clarify, the Handstand Hold and Ring Plank Hold for Beyond Rxd and Rxd are cumulative time. They need to accumulate 2min of both. For Fitness, have them keep track of 2min total time and if people need to break within the 2min, that is fine. They need to keep track of their own timing. This means stopping/starting the clock (in their head) for their holds and starting their 2min as soon as they come in from their first MB Carry. For the MB Carry, they can hold the ball any way they want.

The standard for the Ring Pushup is that the body should be as parallel to the ground as possible, which means setting the rings just above the ground. Their biceps need to clearly touch the rings in the bottom position. For the Ring Plank Hold, it is the same position as a regular Plank, except people hold onto the Rings.


Total Time – Handstand Walk (m) + Ring Pushup (reps) * Each metre and rep = 1sec.

Fitness: Total Time – Plank Get down/up reps + Pushup reps.

Beyond Rxd/Rxd: We want everyone to challenge themselves for the Handstand Walking. This means either giving it a shot, or using a modification that is really hard for them. Ideally, the holds should be done unbroken, or with no more than one break.

For the handstand walking, if people are unable to do more than 5 steps on their hands in a row, have them scale the movement. They can do Cherry Pickers , or Box Round the Worlds . People should be able to do 100ft in a minute if they are proficient in handstand walking. So half this for most people.

Aim for 50+ Ring Pushups for most people. Scale these to regular Pushups, then Elevated Hand Pushups for further scaling.

There should be no reason for people to need to scale the medball weight.

Fitness: As mentioned above, just use total time for the holds. Scale all the other movements as needed. If you need to, runs to 200m.

01/25/2017 Wednesday

Ashburn CrossFit – CrossFit


(7min) Warmup — In Partners (need MB and Barbell)

While one person performs 8 reps of (2 Deadlifts + 2 Front Squats), the other person performs as many Landmines as possible.


While one person performs 8 reps of (2 Front Squats + 1 Wall Ball), the other person performs as many Windshield Wipers as possible.


* Have them use their Workout weight with the Medballs.

(8min) Mobility/Stability — Still in Partners

While one person performs 8 slow, controlled Back Extensions on the GHD, the other person holds a Hollow Rock.


While one person performs 8 Long Lunge Sequences , the other person holds a Superman on the GHD.


While one person performs 4 reps of (3 GHD Half ROM Situps + 5sec pause in the bottom position at the end of each 3 reps) (parallel to ground), the other person continuously performs 6 Cat Camels + 6 Hip Grind/Dog Pee Stretch .


* Talk about the GHD Situp modifications here and have your athletes do a quick 5 reps of the movement they will perform in the Workout.

(5min) Review Hang Power Clean

* As a group, with an empty Barbell perform:

1 Deadlift + 1 Deadlift Shrug + 1 Deadlift High Pull

1 Hang Power Clean from Pockets + 1 Hang Power Clean from Mid Thigh + 1 Hang Power Clean from Top of the knee

* Repeat the second line of movements again, this time, when they catch, have them land deeper. So, just above parallel.

(10min) Prep for Power Clean

Repeat the Complex with load: 1 Hang Power Clean from Pockets + 1 Hang Power Clean from Mid Thigh + 1 Hang Power Clean from Top of the knee

3 Rounds. Adding load each round. Still catching low. (This is good practise.)

Then, perform:

4 Hang Power Cleans (any way)

3 Rounds

* Add load each round. Go above working weight.


Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)


7 Hang Power Cleans (135/95lbs)

14 MB Situps

28 Wall Balls (20/14lbs)

7 Hang Power Cleans

14 Situps

28 Wall Balls

If you don’t have enough GHD’s for people to rotate through in the workout, you can modify the movement to MB Situps for both the Beyond Rxd and Rxd categories. No Abmats, but they can anchor the feet with Dumbbells if you like. That way, it mimics the GHD Situp a little more with the use of the Hip Flexors driving the movement.

Beyond Rxd and Rxd: The load for the Hang Power Clean is moderately heavy. The first few rounds (3-4) should feel pretty good, so your athletes should have no trouble doing them unbroken. After this, it might start to feel heavy and some people may need to break them up. That is ok. Challenge them with the weight today. Less rounds vs having them go Rxd is a good goal for some.

For those who have no problem with the load, make the goal for them to do all the movements unbroken for as many rounds as possible. 3-4 rounds of unbroken Wall Balls would probably be the max amount the majority of your athletes can do. These will definitely be the limiting factor. Scale the load as needed. If people don’t think they can do sets of 10 with the ball weight, then have them scale down.

Top athletes should aim for around over 5 rounds. Everyone else, over 4 rounds is a good goal. That is a round roughly every 5min, which is definitely achievable for most people. If not, then they didn’t scale enough.

Fitness: Have them choose a load that they are confident with for 7 reps. A little more load than the empty barbell would be a good goal. For the Situps, it is up to you whether you want to use Abmats and anchor their feet. Regular Abmat Situps will work just fine. For today, find a target on the wall they can always hit. It might be lower than 10/9 ft, that is ok. First, scale the load right down, then scale the target height.

Cool Down

Accumulate 2-3 min in a back bridge.

01/24/2017 Tuesday

Ashburn CrossFit – CrossFit


(10min) Gymnastics Warmup

10 Cartwheels

10 Forward Rolls

5 Headstand Attempts — QUICK SCALE: Frog Holds

5 Skin the Cat Attempts — QUICK SCALE: Use Ropes to pull body around, or keep one foot planted on the ground

5 x 20sec L-Sits or Attempts

5 Ice Cream Maker attempts (at 4:05 in video)

* Let people go through this on their own, but make sure they are attempting everything and challenging themselves. Coach them as needed.

* If someone finishes everything really quickly, give them another challenge, like practising their Free Standing Handstand.

(10-15min) Bulletproof Shoulders Session #12

2 Arm Farmer Carry: 90m at 100% of their 100m max 1 Arm Farmers Carry

Then proceed straight to:

Nerve Flossing 10 palms down and up

Rest 45sec

3 Rounds

(5min) Review KB Swing

* With a light KB (one down from their working weight) perform:

1 Deadlift

1 Deadlift + 2 One Arm High Pulls (1 Arm each side)

3 One Arm Swings each Arm — Half Swing

3 Double Arm Swing — Half Swing

3 Full Swings + Pause at the top of the Swing for 5sec each rep.

(10min) Prep for Workout

Use their Working weight here for the Swings/Snatches:

Perform as a Complex:

2 One Arm Swings each side

2 Half Swings

2 Full Swings + 5sec Pause at the top

* For those doing KB Snatch, perform this as Snatches (2 High Pulls + 2 Full Snatches each side).

Rest, then perform:

Toes to Bar Complex (perform unbroken)

2 Round the Worlds legs) — 1 each direction

2 Strict Toes to Bar

3 Kipping Toes to Bar

SCALE each movement to attempts.

* If you have time, repeat both Complexes, otherwise prep as needed for Workout. For those scaling the Toes to Bar, have them get set up for that here.


Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)

EMOM 10:

6 Toes to Bar

8 KB Swings (24/16kgs)

6 Lying Toes to Bar/V-Ups

8 KB Swings


6 Toes To Bar

8 KB Snatch (24/16kg)

Rxd: The goal is unbroken Toes to Bar and Swings. They should have roughly 15sec left at the end of each minute. The rest will most likely start to get a little shorter towards the end of the 10min, but the limiting factor is the Toes to Bar. No one should have a problem with doing 8 fast KB Swings each round. If you want, you can scale the swings up to 32/24 or 20kg to challenge some of your better Athletes.

Scale to Hanging Leg lifts (with a clear standard) or Lying Toes to Bar, all though, these might take up a bit too much time each minute.

Fitness: We have modified the Toes to Bar to V-Ups today. These will allow them to get the movement done a little faster than a Lying Toes to Bar. Make sure you set a clear standard for these and that they stick to it. Use a challenging load that they know they can always perform 8 Swings with every time they pick it up.

01/22/2017 Sunday

Ashburn CrossFit – CrossFit


(10min) In Partners accumulate 2km of Rowing (roughly 1km each). Switch whenever you like.

* Start at an easy pace and then direct them to speed it up during the last 1km so they are breathing a little hard by the end.

The person who isn’t rowing, performs this sequence continuously until it is their turn to row again:

4 Long Lunge Sequences (2 each side)

4 Air Squat with a 5sec pause/hold/stretch in the bottom position on each rep

(5min) Shoulder Mobility

Go through the Banded Shoulder Sequence (30 or so sec in each position)

* If you have some other/different variations, add them in.

(10-15min) Muscle Up/Pullup Prep

10 Hanging Shoulder Shrugs — Hang on Bar and shrug Shoulders up and down

10 Round the Worlds (shoulders) — QUICK SCALE: Small rotations

5 Strict Pullups — Have them mix up their grip here. QUICK SCALE: Bands or Jump to negative

5 Strict Chest to Bar Pullups

5 Gymnastics Kipping Pullups — QUICK SCALE: Use workout modification here

5 Kip to Pull Back on Bar — First progression to the Kip for Muscle Up

5 Kip to Jumping Muscle Up — Kip through, then Jump up

5 Bar Muscle Up, or attempts — QUICK SCALE: Use workout modification here


Metcon (Time)

1km Row

8 Bar Muscle Ups

Rest 2min

750m Row

15 Strict Pullups

Rest 1min

Row 500m

30 Pullups

1km Row

10 Bar Muscle Ups

Rest 2min

750m Row

20 Strict Pullups

Rest 1min

Row 500m

40 Pullups


1km Row

12 Chest to Bar Jumping Pullups

Rest 2min

750m Row

16 Inverted Barbell Rows

Rest 1min

Row 500m

30 Jumping Pullups

Today is a great opportunity for people who are working on their Bar Muscle Ups, Strict Pullups and Kipping Pullups to give this Workout a shot at Rxd. The reps are low enough that they may be able to get it done. We will spend some time in the Prep part going over the movements so they can make their decision then.

The goal is to think of each effort (Row/Pullup) as a sprint. They should aim to do each part as hard as they can. The first rest period of 2min will be just enough for them to pick themselves up and go again for the next effort. The last effort is going to be the real test and the hardest for sure. Remind them that it is short and it will be over before they know it!

The Rows should be done at 90% pace. This means, basically as hard as they can go knowing they need to get off the Rower and do a little more. Not quite fall off the Rower pace, but close to it.

The rep scheme for the Muscle Ups/Pullups are just enough so that top athletes will be able to do them unbroken or in a few sets. There will be a lot of people who can’t. That is fine, we want to encourage people to go Rxd today if they don’t normally. As long as you think they can get the whole workout done under 25min, let them finish.

If you want to play around with Banded Muscle Ups, this is the day to do it, otherwise, scale Muscle Ups to Jumping Muscle Ups. Scale Strict and Kipping Pullups to Banded today.

Fitness: We want these athletes to complete the Rowing distances as Rxd today. Scale the other movements as much as you need to. The Barbell Rows are supposed to be really hard for them, then by the time they get to the Jumping Pullups they will be pretty fatigued so those will also feel hard.

1/19/2017 Thursday

Ashburn CrossFit – CrossFit


(5min) Warmup (with a light MB and a Partner)

10 Chest Throws (total)

10 Situp Throws

10 Squat Throws

10 Side Throws (each side)

10 Lying Throws each (do one person first, then the next person)

(10-15min) Bulletproof Shoulders Session #9

PVC Pass Through: 5 each position (take 3 steps of bringing hands closer together)

Double KB Overhead Hold: 30sec at light weight (Use DB’s if you don’t have enough KB’s)

2 arm Farmers Carry: 60m at light weight

5 T-Push Up (Pushup + Twist Body into a T position)

4 Rounds

Workout Prep & Workout should take roughly 35 mins

(10min) Review Movements and Prep for Workout

* Take a few minutes here to review the Bench Press and give them some pointers on what do and what not do with setup, spotting and general safety.

Bench Press:

10 reps with the empty Barbell

8 reps with 40% 1RM

6 reps with 50% 1RM

5 reps with 60% 1RM

4 reps with 70% 1RM — For some people this will be their starting weight.

3 reps with 75% 1RM — Beyond Rxd may need another set to find their starting weight.

* If the percentages confuse anyone, don’t use them, just have them add a little weight each time.

* In between every second Bench Press set, perform one set of 6-8 reps of Hip Extensions. Add some load on the second set and have them see how that feels. They can add more, less, or stick with what they have depending on how many reps they think they can get with it. Remember the goal is 10.


Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)

5 Rounds:

Max set Bench Press at 60-70% 1RM

Rest 1min

Max set Weighted Hip Extensions

Rest 2min

5 Rounds:

10 Bench Press

Rest 1 min

15 Hip Extensions

Rest 2 min

The Max sets are for reps. They perform a Max set of Bench Press — as many reps as they can do without putting the bar down, then, they rest for 1min and perform a Max set of Weighted Hip Extensions — as many reps as they can do without pausing at the bottom for longer than 3sec.

If GHD’s are scarce, you can turn the Hip Extensions into Good Mornings. But, because the workout is written in such a way that allows for people to take turns, it shouldn’t be an issue.

The goal for everyone is to use the same loading across all 5 rounds and aim to hit very similar numbers across the rounds. If they start dropping off over more than 5 reps from their first set, take the weight down. If they start getting more than 5 reps than their first set, add some more weight!

Rxd: Most people won’t know there 1RM Bench Press. That is ok. Use the Warmup to work up to a load that feels heavy for 6+ reps but they think they can get over 10 reps with.

For the Weighted Hip Extensions, 10 reps is also the goal. Make sure they are still performing the movement well if they are using load. Some people might even need as little as 10lbs to make the movement more difficult.

Fitness: Rather than let them dictate their reps, we have set a rep scheme for them. This will be a good dose for most newbies. Have them use a load for the Bench Press that is challenging for 10 reps. Really challenge them. There will be a spotter there so if they don’t feel like they can get 10 each round, that is fine, at least they tried; better to do this than not get any stimulus from the workout.

No load for for the Hip Extensions. Have them focus on speed through the movement and proper muscle recruitment.

Cool Down

100 Ab-Mat Situps (Time)

01/18/2017 Wednesday

Ashburn CrossFit – CrossFit


(15min) Bulletproof Shoulders Session #8 — Use the Handstand piece to get warm. If it is a particularly cold day, spend a few minutes getting their bodies moving a little.

Wall Facing Handstand Hold: Accumulate 75sec

* Scale to regular Handstand Hold, or Walking Feet up the Wall. If those aren’t possible, hold a Plank.

Rest 2-3min

1 Arm High Pull : 3 x 8 each arm @ mod-heavy load (the last set of 8 reps should be really challenging)

* Use the same load they used last week for Session #3

45sec between arms

Workout Prep & Workout should take roughly 40 mins

(10min) ‘Buy In’ — Max Weighted Plank Holds

3 x max loaded (with a plate on the back) plank holds.

* The goal is 30sec + per set

* Do it in partners so they can help with the plate.

* Rest a few minutes between each attempt.

* For an advanced athlete, they can perform this holding a plate while in a Superman position on the GHD.

(5-10min) Prep for Workout (Review Ring Row and the Workout Modifications here)

Then Perform:

10 Ring Rows + Scap retraction at the bottom position. Round the Shoulders, then set the Shoulders, then pull. Repeat at the bottom of each rep.

10 Walking Lunges

* Then, repeat one more time — with the second set being done at their Workout modification (feet placement in relation to Rings).


Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)


12 Inverted Ring Row

24 Walking Lunges

As soon as the 10min is up, they go straight into:

Accumulate 4min Ring Hold at bottom of Row position
The Inverted Rows are intended to be performed with feet parallel to the ground or at an incline for Beyond Rxd athletes. The easiest way is to have people place their feet on a box and adjust the height of the rings as needed. To scale this, have people set the rings low and have their feet on the ground, and further to regular Ring Rows if needed.

For the Ring Hold, make sure they use accumulative time and not just how long they can hold in 4min. Use the same position on the Rings that they used in the Workout. They need to be in an active position, as in they can’t just go loose in their midsection during the hold. Think of it like a Supine Plank.

Rxd+ and Rxd: For the majority, the goal is to complete over 4 rounds, over 6 rounds for top performers. This may not seem like a lot, but it is because we want the Ring Rows to be limiting for most people.

The Ring Rows are intended to be really hard. They will be able to get the first few rounds unbroken, but will most likely need to break them up after that. Because the movement is so strict, when people fatigue, they get really hard to keep stringing together. Kipping is not an option.

24 reps of Lunges is just enough to do pretty fast each round, so most people won’t need to stop, but because there is only one other movement before they need to do them again, they will start to feel heavy and people may slow down across the 10min.

Because their is no rest between the Workout and the 4min Hold, most people won’t be able to do the hold in one effort, they will most likely be breathing too hard and their arms will be tired. Expect people to need to break it up at least 3-4 times on average.

Fitness: Expect these guys to do at least 5 rounds since their Ring Rows will be set a little easier than the other categories. Don’t have their feet elevated. Use the ground and make them stand in a position that is a little harder than usual. We brought the Lunges down to 18 reps so they can keep moving for the full 10min.