Monday 5/1/2017

Ashburn CrossFit – CrossFit


In Partners: (share an empty barbell)

While one person performs 10 slow controlled good mornings with an empty barbell, the other performs amrap mountain climbers.


While one person performs 20 bent over barbell rows with an empty barbell, the other performs amrap burpees


While one person performs 30 barbell wipers , the other person performs dead bugs


(5min) Mobility

While partner one spends 1min each side rolling out pecs with a lacrosse ball, the other person is doing some hip flexor insertion trigger work.



(10min) Prep for Workout

Briefly, review all movements and their scalings/modifications. Then as a group, perform;

5 Jumping Ring Dips + 5sec pause at the top of the dip for each rep.

5 Negative Dip lowers

5 strict ring dips – scale to either band or their workout modification here.

5 kipping ring dips – use workout modification here.

5 Good Mornings PVC

10 Good Mornings Empty BB

(25-30min) Perform Workout


Rxd: The workout is mainly about the running since there is a lot of it. The movements will act as a nice change from the running. The pace they should run at is a little slower than what they would normally hold for 400m repeats. Starting a little conservative is fine for this workout since there is so much running. They can always turn the throttle on in the last run if they have the capacity to.

Since it is only one set of each movement, they should be able to get them done pretty quickly and in big sets. For people who are proficient in the ring dips, they should be able to do them in 3-5 sets. If your athletes can’t do 5 or more unbroken when they are fresh, you should help them scale. The good mornings will be able to be done in 2-3 sets. They might be a little fatigued from the running, but it shouldn’t matter too much. Only modify these if people are feeling pain doing them.

The goal with the holds is to hold for the whole time, or at the most, break once. Remember, as soon as they break that first time, it becomes harder to do bigger sets after that. This is partly mind over matter, but there is definitely an interesting physical fatigue component in there too after that initial rest. These holds shouldn’t be the limiting factor here, but some people might find them really really hard!

We have allocated up to 30min to get the workout done, but we think your top athletes will go under 25min and everyone else roughly around there too, since they have slightly less reps to perform.

Fitness: We reduced the reps and hold times a little, along with the running distance. We want these athletes to aim to finish around the same time as everyone else. Scale/modify as needed.

Metcon (Time)

Run 800m

40 Ring Dip

Run 400m

90sec Ring Hold

Run 400m

40 Good Mornings 45/35

Run 400m

90sec Plank Hold

Run 800m
Fitness:Run 400m

40 Box Dips

Run 400m

1min Box Support Hold

Run 400m

40 Good Mornings

Run 400m

1min Plank Hold

Run 400m

04/30/2017 Sunday

Ashburn CrossFit – CrossFit


(15min) Team Zigzag Drill with Plates:

Depending on class size, split the class into two-three groups. The teams should be no bigger than 8. Everyone needs a 15/10lb plate. Line the teams up with an arms width space between each person. The person at the front of the line races and Zig Zags between their team members down and back to where they started. While they do this, the rest of the team holds the Plate Overhead. Once their teammate gets back to the start, they get to rest. Person 1 switches with the next person in line and they repeat the process.

Change the movement each time someone goes. Some options are:

Squat Hold with plate out front

Plank Hold with hands on plate and persons jumps over feet instead of Zigzagging

Plate on the back or overhead at the bottom of a Squat

Crouch on the plate

Hold Plate out in front and perform Steering Wheels

* You can repeat movements too.


(10min) Snatch Prep

With a PVC, perform the Burgener Warmup. Then, with an empty barbell perform:

1 High Hang Power Snatch + 1 Overhead Squat + 1 High Hang Squat Snatch

* Perform this 3 times as a group.

Then perform:

1 Power Snatch + 1 Overhead Squat + 1 Squat Snatch

* Perform this 3 times as a group.

(10min) Handstand Pushup Prep

1 x Max time Handstand Hold — scale up or down so that holding past 2min is not possible (wall facing, free handstand hold).


1 x Max set unbroken Kipping HSPU — Scale to something everyone can achieve 10+ reps with OR scale UP to using a deficit with plates or parallettes. Do a few regular kipping first if they are going to do this.

(5min) Workout Prep

3 Squat Snatch


2 Rounds

* The second round should be done at their workout weight and HSPU workout modification.


The rep scheme is as such: They perform 1 Squat Snatch + 1 HSPU, then 2 Squat Snatch + 2 HSPU…all the way up to 5 reps of each. This makes up 1 round. So that means to score one round, they need to perform a total of 30 reps first. We like this rep scheme because it keeps the volume per set low, which mentally and physically enables a lot more people to keep moving more consistently without big breaks between sets. It also breaks up the monotony of a long couplet AMRAP for a change.

Rxd: Have as many athletes as possible aim for unbroken sets. That means every time they go to perform a set of Snatches, they don’t put the bar down. Same goes for the HSPU. The most they will need to do at any given time is a set of 5, so this should be manageable for most people. The HSPU will be the limiting factor for most people. If they are unable to perform 5 reps unbroken while they are fresh, have them scale to either a Push Press (same load as the Snatch) or a difficult Box Pike Pushup.

Scale the Squat Snatch load as needed. The load set will get spicy for sure, and if people are wanting to keep moving unbroken during the whole workout, they may want to reduce the load a little. Today is also a good opportunity to try to do the heavier load since the reps are low. You make the call based on your athlete’s needs.

Top athletes will be able to get around 5 or more rounds in the 15min. A good goal for the majority would be to aim for 4 rounds.

* For Fitness, use something a little more challenging than they normally would for the Power Snatch. They can either use the same load for their Press (Push Press if they need to) or use a set of dumbbells that they can perform 5 reps with fresh.

Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)


1 – 2 – 3 – 4 – 5

Squat Snatch (115/75lbs)

Handstand Pushup

1-2-3-4-5 = 1 round

1 – 2 – 3 – 4 – 5

Power Snatch

DB Press

AMRAP 15min

1-2-3-4-5 = 1 round

04/29/2017 Saturday

Ashburn CrossFit – CrossFit


(10-15min) Partner Warmup

With a light MB, together, Run a 400m tossing the ball back and forth to each other.

At 100m perform 10 Squat Passes each (squat + toss ball to partner).

At 200m perform 10 Side Passes each (5 each side).

At 300m perform 10 Overhead Passes each.

At 400m perform 20 Partner Wall Ball throws (standing next to each other alternating turns using one ball) — 10 reps each.

Then, drop the ball and Run another 400m together at a faster pace.

Then, with the time remaining, perform a Partner Lying Extension Stretch over the ball. Hold 1-2min each.

* With one partner placing their upper back over the ball and extending their arms over, the other partner assists by pulling their arms down and back. So pull towards them and push down for additional stretch.


(10min) Prep for Workout

In partners, and as a group, review each movement, performing a few reps of each:

KB Swings

Hip Extensions

Partner Situps

Then, if needed, have them each Run one 200m at a fast pace to prep their legs a little for sprinting.


Today is a straight forward ‘I go, you go’ workout. Each partner performs all 5 rounds of each movement before moving on to the next. They rest while their partner works.

Each person needs to perform the same amount of work. One person cannot do two rounds in a row for example.

Everyone: The goal is to have fun with this one and to attack each effort with 100%. The work:rest ratio should allow them to recover enough between their efforts so that they can hit each set with the same intensity as the one before. The reps are set low enough that they can always perform them unbroken. By the time they get to the Situps, they may be a little fatigued, but the built-in rest should allow them to continuously move through all 100/80 without stopping. Partners should keep communicating with each other, and if it looks like their buddy is going to pass out, then that is a cue for them to take a quick break.

The movement that will be the hardest to recover from will be the Running. This will most likely tax people the most. While we don’t want them to run slow or be conservative with these, make sure they don’t completely blow their energy stores on the first sprint because they are too excited. It will happen for sure!

Metcon (Time)

Partner Workout — Relay style

5 x 200m Run each

5 x 20 KB Swings each

5 x 20 Hip Extensions

100 MB Situp Throws
Partner Workout — Relay style

5 x 200m Run each

5 x 15 KB Swings each

5 x 15 Hip Extensions

80 MB Situp Throws

04/28/2017 Friday

Ashburn CrossFit – CrossFit


(5-10min) Mobility Warmup

As a group start with this sequence:

4-6 reps Down Dog + Cobra Pose + Groiner + Sun Salute

* Switch legs on the Groiner / Sun Salute each rep.

Then, in partners:

While Partner 1 performs 30sec hold in each position of the Banded Shoulder Sequence + Shoulder Retraction and Hold ,

Partner 2 performs 1min each side of Internal / External Shoulder Rotations .


(5min) Pistol Prep — As a group, perform:

10 Lunges (on the spot, step backward)

10 Supported Pistols (hold on to pole/wall, or down to a box — sit down on the box, the come back up)

10 Pistols — or attempts

Then, have people decide on their workout modification and perform a few reps here.

(5min) Workout Prep

1min Single Unders

30sec Wall Squat

1min Double Unders or attempts


Rxd: The goal for today should be to try to get those Wall Squats done unbroken. This will be a really challenging goal and only a few people will manage it. But, it is a great mind over matter task, and if people really focus, they will be able to hold it longer than they think! Everything else should be able to be done in one or two sets each time.

Scale Double Unders to attempts today. If people don’t have double unders, have them perform double the amount of singles. We want everyone using a rope for this workout.

For those who are at the start of their Pistol journey, they may take a little longer to get them done, but that is ok. If they are failing reps in the warmup, then you might want to scale the movement for them in the workout. Their first option for scaling today is a Pistol to a Box that is either at parallel or below (not higher). If they can’t perform that, then they need to scale further to a Bulgarian Squat . Perform half the reps on one side and half the reps on the other side.

We have allowed up to 20min to perform the workout. This is on the long side. We want people to go under 15min, but we realise that those Wall Squats and Pistols will slow some people down. If athletes haven’t finished the first set of 3min Wall Squat hold after 7min has passed, they need to move on. Brief them with this before the workout starts so that they understand what is happening if you tell them to move to the next movement.

Fitness: Nothing should prevent these athletes from moving through the workout with high intensity. They may need to break up the Wall Squats a little, but we have reduced the time allocated for these so they should be ok. It should take them a bit quicker to get through everything. Around 10-15min would be a good goal.

Metcon (Time)

30 Double Unders

3min Squat Hold

30 Pistols

60 Double Unders

2min Wall Squat Hold

20 Pistols

90 Double Unders

1min Squat Hold

10 Pistols

50 Single Unders

2min Squat Hold

30 Walking Lunges

80 Single Unders

1min Wall Squat Hold

20 Walking Lunges

100 Single Unders

45sec Squat Hold

10 Walking Lunges

Cool Down

Lower leg/ calf/ ankle stretch

04/27/2017 Thursday

Ashburn CrossFit – CrossFit


(10min) Warmup (1min Rotation Stations)

Min 1: Ball Slams (or DB Slams ) — use a light weight

Min 2: Landmines

Min 3: Floor Back Extensions

Min 4: Barbell Wipers

Min 5: Rest

2 Rounds

(10min) Shoulder Prep

Arm circles with plate — first movement in Shoulder Warmup #1

Perform 10 in one direction, then pause and hold an iron cross for 15+sec.

Repeat for the other direction.

Standing Letters with Plate – Use this video , but perform standing.

Perform a few minutes of this and hold the positions for a few seconds every now and again.

5 x Lying Down Prone Band Pull — each side

* Make sure you start with the arm straight with these pulls and only bend the elbow when you go behind your back.


(5min) Review Clean and Jerk

Either with a PVC or empty barbell, review the Power Clean, Push Press and Push Jerk.

Deadlift – Shrug – Shrug into Power Clean – Power Clean

Press – Dip Hold – Dip – Push Press – Push Jerk


Rxd: The mentality going into this workout should be slightly different than if it was just one heavy Grace or a single Grace effort. Yes, they should definitely do both efforts as fast as they can, but for most people, this doesn’t mean redlining the heavy Grace. The goal is to get a fast overall time for both, which means setting up a smart pace so that they can maximise their effort. If for some reason, people go too slowly in heavy Grace and fully recover by Grace, they can go crazy on those last 30 reps!

The heavy Grace load is intended to be moderately heavy, meaning that when they are fresh, the load feels light to moderate and they could do 3+ unbroken. By the time they hit more than 10 or so reps, they may be down to singles. They should never be at any risk of failing a rep. If people think this may be the case, they should scale the load a little. Then, based on this load they can take some weight off for their regular Grace. They should be able to do at least 5+ reps unbroken for regular Grace.

If paced appropriately, the 5min Rest will be enough for them to feel good to go again, but most likely not fully recovered. We have allowed up to 20min to get the workout done. Your top athletes will most likely do it in well under 15min, but for those who want to try Rxd or a heavier load than they normally would, give them the full 20min to get it done.

Fitness: We have reduced the reps for these athletes to 15 per round and added another round. This way, we can keep the volume relatively high, but the numbers per set low. Focusing on being consistent with their technique should be what they are striving for; this means they should either Push Press it or Push Jerk it the whole time. You can decide what you want them to work on. If you want them to keep the same loads across all 3 rounds, that is fine, otherwise, use a moderate load for the first and second round and a light load for the third round.

Metcon (Time)

30 Clean and Jerks (155/105)

Rest 5 min


30 Clean and Jerks (135/95)

15 Clean and Jerks

Rest 3 min

15 Clean and Jerks

Rest 3 min

15 Clean and Jerks

04/26/2017 Wednesday

Ashburn CrossFit – CrossFit


(5min) Get Warm!

As a group, perform:

(count out loud so that everyone keeps pace)

25 Jumping Jacks

20 Squats + hands touch the ground + jump (in the US, it is a Star Jump!)

15 Mountain Climbers (each side, total 30)

10 Strict Situps

5 Cartwheels

(5min) Hip/Glute prep

2 rounds:

10 Darren Spicy Stretch (5 one direction, 5 the other. Perform both sets with hands off the ground)

10 Banded Pull Throughs


(5min) Review Single Leg Squats

(10min) Prep for Part 1

10 Single Squats each leg

8 Single Squats each leg

6 Single Squats each leg

2 x 4 Single Squats each leg

* Use an empty barbell for the first set.

* Add load each set. The last set of 4 should be just under their starting weight. For some, it may even be at their starting weight.


Rxd: For those athletes who have performed the movement a few times and are comfortable with it, the intent is for them to go as heavy as they can across all the sets. Ideally, they should hold the same load across all 4 sets. Conditioned athletes may be able to do this, but others might have some trouble holding a really heavy load for 4 x 4. That is ok, encourage them to go as heavy as they can early on, and if they need to bring the weight down on the last set, that is ok. Rather this way than to let them get to the last set and not have hit anything heavy yet.

For the Heel Taps, allow people around 5-7min to get it done. This will include roughly 4-6 breaks across the 100 reps. A break is when they pause with their feet on the ground for longer than 1sec. They need to tap the ground for it to be unbroken or continuous. The Lateral Jumps are done laterally across one parallette. Scale to Plate Jumps or plate Fast Feet Step Ups if people are unable to jump. Time cap people around 7min or whenever you think it is appropriate for them to stop. Or, you can scale their numbers from the start, but it is a somewhat obscure movement, so most people won’t know what they are capable of, so just let them go until either they finish or get time capped.

Fitness: Those who are new to the movement should be slightly more conservative with their loads. They should focus on feeling good through the movement and try to maintain the same moderate to heavy load across all 4 sets.

Metcon (Weight)

Part 1:

Single Leg Squats

4 – 4 – 4 – 4

Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)

Part 2:

7 min AMRAP:

100 Heel Taps

Every time you break, perform 10 Lateral Jumps over the parallette.

Score is number of Heel Taps completed up to 100.

04/25/2017 Tuesday

Ashburn CrossFit – CrossFit


(5min) As a group, perform:

1 Inchworm + 1 Pushup

15sec Side Plank — right

15sec Side Plank — left

1 Inchworm + 2 Pushups

1 Long Lunge sequence each side

1 Inchworm + 3 Pushups

15sec Cossack Squat hold — right

15sec Cossack Squat hold — left

1 Inchworm + 4 Pushups

15sec Squat hold

1 Inchworm + 5 Pushups

(5min) Then, in partners, perform:

10 Partner Wall Slides each

30sec each side Partner Hip/Lower Back Stretch

(5min) Then, in partners (‘I go, you go’), perform:

5 Shoulder Around the Worlds OR scaled version

10 Kipping Swings on the bar

5 Jump to Chin Above Bar + 15sec hold + slow lower down (use supinated grip)

5-8 Kipping Pullups (everyone to attempt pullups here)

(5min) Prep for Workout

Perform one round of Chelsea exactly as they plan to do it in the workout.

Have them figure out how it felt, how long it took and then make necessary adjustments.


RX: There are a few different ways to approach this workout. For today, we want the goal to be for everyone to find a rep scheme and movement modification that they can hold across the 30min. We would rather see them do this than attempt Rxd and start failing after a few rounds. Some people will find the pullups hard, and some people will find the pushups hard, and some both. The first option for scaling should be to reduce the reps to 4/8/12 each round. Then, modify the movements. No bands today for the Pullups, since this is too time-consuming. Scale to a hard Ring Row instead. Scale the Pushups to hands elevated on a box or bench.

If people have scaled, and they still cannot make the rep scheme, have them perform 1 round every 90sec or 2min instead. Or, have them miss one round and try to jump back in and go again. It’s your call. Athletes have different needs. Some may need to spend the time practising pushups, whereas others might need to step up their intensity.

Your top athletes will most likely start with 15-20sec of Rest at the end of each minute, which will most likely decrease to about 10-15sec after the halfway mark. They will be able to maintain this for the rest of the workout as they know their thresholds and are probably working well below them.

Fitness: We reduced the reps as well as the round time. 90sec should be enough time for them to get each round done, rest a bit and go again. Scale the movements as needed.

Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds)


5 Pullups

10 Pushups

15 Air Squats

* If your planned rep scheme for Murph is 5 push ups-5 pull ups-5 push ups-15 air squats, you can use that rep scheme here too.

Every 90 seconds – 30 min

4 Ring Rows

8 Pushups

12 Air Squats

Cool Down

For as long as needed, lie with legs up the wall, and arms overhead (on the ground) holding a dumbbell.

04/24/2017 Monday

Ashburn CrossFit – CrossFit


(10min) In Groups of three

Person 1: Row 15 Cal

Person 2: 10 x 1 Leg Up and Over Fence (both sides) + 2 squats in between.

Person 3: 40 Mountain Climbers


3 Rounds each — alternate through the movements

– This will get them nice and warm! If needed, scale reps down, but the goal is for it to be hard so they can get a good warm up in before stretching and all the squatting.

(5min) Hip Mobility

1min each side Hip Flexor Pole Stretch or simple couch stretch

1min hold Pancake stretch — legs apart, belly aiming for the ground!

1min each side dynamic Pigeon Stretch (move body in a half circle round their legs)

Workout Prep & Workout should take roughly 40 mins

(5min) As a group, briefly review the Front Squat with an empty Barbell.

– Give them some simple cues/pointers to help them keep their sets unbroken.

(10min) Prep for the Front Squats

4 Front Squats, with the last squat having a 5sec pause in the bottom position.

EMOM 7min

– Add load every set or every other set.

– If they want to go over their working set weight, they can, or have them work positioning and technique with their working load for the last 2-3 sets.


Rxd: Allow between 20-25min for this workout. The actual time working out is roughly half of this, the other half is resting, so when they are on the clock, make sure they are working hard.

For the Front Squats, there will be moments when people think they have done enough reps or that they can’t do anymore, but unless they cannot stand up from the squat, they still have a few more reps left in them. Encourage them to do a few more.

The load is written so that at least 20+ reps in the first set will be achievable for Beyond Rxd people. For Rxd, aim for the same with the lighter load. Scale this as needed.

Yesterday, we asked people to Row their brains out. If they did the workout yesterday, give them a new goal today. Ask them to be consistent across the three efforts and then make today’s focus the Front Squats. For those who didn’t row yesterday, make them row THEIR brains out and hang in as much as possible for the front squats.

Fitness: We have put a set number of 20 reps in there to take the guess work out for them. Ideally, these 20 reps should be unbroken, but don’t enforce that rule too hard for these guys if they are new. Scale the load and reps as needed. Aim to keep the rowing distances the same.

Metcon (Time)

Max 1km Row

Rest 3min

Max Set Front Squat @ (95/65)

Rest 3min

Max 500m Row

Rest 2min

Max Set Front Squat @ (95/65)

Rest 2min

Max 250m Row

Rest 1min

Max Set Front Squat @ (95/65)

* Without putting BB down.
Stagger start


Max 750m Row

Rest 3min

20 Front Squat @ (45/35)

Rest 3min

Max 500m Row

Rest 2min

20 Front Squat @ (45/35)

Rest 2min

Max 250m Row

Rest 1min

20 Front Squat @ (45/35)

04/23/2017 Sunday

Ashburn CrossFit – CrossFit


(5min) Warmup

10 Walking Lunges

100m Farmers Carry (light set of KB’s or DB’s)

AMRAP 3min

(10min) Barbell Row Work

Spend 10min working up to a heavy 5 rep Bent Over Barbell Row

* Perform as many sets of 5 until they reach a heavy 5 rep.

* Take the weight from the ground.

* Make sure they are holding their body position throughout the 5 reps.

Workout Prep & Workout should take roughly 40 mins

(10min) Prep for Part 1

Row 500m at a conversational pace, but make them aware of their strokes per minute and how changing this affects their power output.

Then, perform 10sec MAX effort/20sec easy row for 2-3min.

* Continuously Rowing throughout the whole period.

* Rest and prep as needed before the Workout.

(20min) Perform Part 1

(10min) Prep and Perform Part 2


Everyone: The goal is to perform each Row with 100% effort today. Usually, we suggest that people try to hold a similar pace across all efforts, but for today, we want your athletes to go very hard from the first effort, and then hold that pace. They will most likely see some drop-off, but that is ok. Training this sort of stimulus under metabolic duress is very beneficial and is also a great mental challenge! There will probably be some people who go TOO hard and empty their tank on effort 1. That isn’t 100% effort, that is 110%. Yes, go hard, but keep in mind there are multiple efforts ahead of them. That may sound contradictory, but today is about using a pace they know they can handle and then upping that a little.

The rest periods will allow for almost full recovery, especially on those first few efforts. After that, they will be heading towards depletion and will need to dig deep.

The Farmers Carry is intended to be pretty heavy. Some people will be able to perform it unbroken, but most athletes will need to break it up 3+ times. Have them hold on for as long as they can on the first effort, because once they put it down, it is a lot harder to make longer efforts after that. Their grip will also be a little fatigued from the Rowing, so that may make it a little harder to push through that pain. Scale the load as needed. Top times will be around 2min or under.

* For Fitness folk, scale the Rows if needed. Turn the 750m’s into 500m efforts instead.

Metcon (Time)

Row 750m

Rest 3min

Row 500m

Rest 2min

Row 250m

Rest 1min

Row 500m

Rest 2min

Row 750m

Metcon (Time)

400m Single Arm Farmers Carry (50/35)

04/22/2017 Saturday

Ashburn CrossFit – CrossFit


(5min) Get Warm quickly!

In partners, perform:

1-6 each of Air Squats and Burpees

Partner 1 does 1 Air Squat, partner 2 does 1, partner 1 does 2, partner 2 does 2 and so on, until they both do 6 each.

Repeat with burpees.

(5-10min) Abmat Tag

Have everyone hold a light MB or Abmat over their head. Everyone is trying to push the ball/mat out of other people’s hands. If you get tagged out, you perform the following before going back in:

5 Air Squats

5 Pushups

3 Rounds

* The person who gets tagged the least or is still standing by the end of the game is the winner!

* How long this game lasts depends on the class. Most people get really into it, but sometimes people just don’t, and then you end it quickly. ?

Workout Prep & Workout should take roughly 35 mins

(5min) DB Movement Prep

Review the Step Ups + Hang Clusters with a light set of dumbbells:

Step Ups without DB’s + Step Ups with DB’s.

Front Squats – Hang Power Clean – Push Press – Full Hang Cluster

* Perform as many reps as needed in each progression to get them warmed up and moving well.

(10min) Running Prep

In partners/teams, have them perform in an ‘I go, you go’ fashion:

3 x 50m

2 x 100m


The DB Step Ups are done with dumbbells held by their sides. 6 is the total number of Steps Ups (3 each side). The cluster is done from the hang, and they need to go through a Squat Clean + Thruster for the full movement.

Metcon (Time)

3 Rounds (each):

In Partners:

While one person is runing 400m, the other person is performing —


6 DB Step Ups (35/25lbs)

6 DB Hang Cluster


6 Step Ups

6 DB Thruster

Cool Down

Take a stroll to cool off, then if they are up to it, roll out quads with an empty barbell.