Saturday 07/01/2017

Ashburn CrossFit – CrossFit


(5-10min) Get to know you game (with jump rope)

Line everyone up across the gym. At the far end of the gym, place a few balls or cones across in line with the athletes (3 balls per every 5 people). Have everyone do Jumping Rope Singles, then you ask the group a question like “Who has brothers?” Everyone who has brothers drops their rope and runs to try to get a ball/cone. Whoever misses out, performs 3 burpees. If the question doesn’t pertain to people, they just keep jumping.

Continue for as long as 10+ questions. You can make them up: Who loves ice cream? Who has a dog? Who has kids? Etc.

* It is a great way to have everyone find a few things out about each other. Keep the questions light.


(10min) Prep for the Workout

In partners, complete in an ‘I go, you go’ fashion:

10 Step ups

10 Partner wall ball (side by side throw/catch)

5 Step up and overs

10 Partner high five pushups (no, they don’t do it like this in the workout!)

5 Lateral box jump overs

20 Double unders (each)

5 Box jump overs


Today’s workout is a solid, simple plug-through chipper. The prescribed reps/loading/box height is the same for both Competitors and Rxd category. We chose a shorter box today so that the intensity remains high throughout the whole workout! There is a lot of jumping involved, so make sure they are prepped and ready to go before launching into the workout. They need to complete each 100 reps of every movement before moving on to the next. They can split the work up however they like. There is no minimum or maximum requirement per person.

The lateral box jump overs are performed by either jumping laterally up on and over the box, or laterally directly over the box. The latter being a little more sketchy for your average athlete. The box jump overs are performed facing the box up on and over, or directly over as well.

For the wall ball, use a 10ft target for the men and a 9ft target for the women. These can be done any way — individually, or standing side by side and throwing up and catching partner style.

Top teams should complete the workout around or under 25min. We have allocated up to 30min to get it done. Use any additional time that is left over for more cool down.

Fitness: For the lateral plate jump overs, we want them to jump on the plate, then over the other side laterally for one rep. If you have athletes that are unable to jump, turn this into a step up and over laterally. You can also have them use a plate for the forward facing jump overs, but we wanted to increase the demand a little, which is why we modified to a step up and over instead.

Pushups should be elevated to prevent snaking.

Metcon (Time)

Partner WOD!!!!!

100 Lateral Box Jump Overs (20”)

100 Wall Ball (20/14lbs)

100 Box Jump Overs

100 Pushup

100 Double Unders

Partner WOD!!!!

80 Lateral Plate Jump Overs

80 Wall Ball

80 Box Step Overs

80 Pushup

100 Single Unders

Friday 6/30/2017


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Ashburn CrossFit – CrossFit


(10 mins) Hot Pizza!

Each person grabs an ab mat and holds it like a pizza box. The goal is to run around the room and knock other peoples pizza boxes out of their hands while being the last one standing with your pizza box still in hand.

If your box gets swatted, go to the side of the room and perform 10 burpees.

* Down and backs if the early morning classes aren’t feeling “gamey”!

(15 mins) Gymnastics/Dynamic Stretching

10 Lunges (in place)

15m Spiderman stretch (Samson-like stretch but with hands on ground)

10 Air squats

15m Kick up over and under the fence

10 Walking lunges

15m Walking figure 4 stretch

10 Cossack squats

1 Min Each Side, Each Stretch

Group A) Couch stretch

Group B) Banded hip distraction

*B) Place band on rig/upright at knee height, place closer leg in band and go into a pigeon stretch, leg that’s in the band should have the front leg’s femur/groin area being pulled outward (distracted from hip socket).


(15 min) Review Front Rack Lunge

With an empty barbell as a group, review the front rack lunge. Then perform:

4-5 x 4 reps (2 each side — alternating)

* Add load each set, aiming to go close to failure on the last set.

* Rest as needed between sets.

(5-7 min) Prep Workout

Remove load and prep barbell.

****Make sure you have enough time to review MB Cleans****

Grab MBs and Perform:

5 MB Deadlifts

5 MB Front squats

5 MB Drop unders (top of the deadlift to the bottom of the front squat)

5 MB Cleans


Today’s workout is short, sweet, and intense with BOTH movements incorporating the front rack position — upper backs are going to be fired! The majority of the beginning of the week was longer workouts. Yesterday we worked weightlifting. Today we are working a short, intense sprint of a relatively lightweight barbell movement with another light weightlifting movement.

Front rack lunge can be walking OR if space is limited, step back lunges on the spot.

Encourage your top athletes to really go for it and leave nothing in the tank. These movements and this weight will be relatively light, so aim for 1 round a minute or better. MB cleans should be “touch n’ go” style to achieve this.

Since reps are small on the lunge, the goal is to go unbroken in this movement. It also avoids having to clean the barbell back up to the shoulders an extra time.

Use the MB cleans as your “rest” from the tension of the barbell in the first movement. Goal would be to consider these 16 reps as one set and “rep them out”.

For the majority of your athletes, aim to keep front rack lunges in one set and then treat the MB cleans as one set, but drop from the top so they can get some tension off of their shoulders.

It’s a short workout, so don’t leave any stone unturned. We’re ok with people going a little harder and crashing here than being too conservative. Push the pace a bit and see what happens!

Fitness: If any athletes have front rack mobility restrictions, DBs are great tools to use to incorporate the same stimulus. Have these athletes rest the DBs on their shoulders to reduce the shoulder fatigue.

Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)

AMRAP 7 min:

8 Front Rack Lunges (40-50% F Squat)

16 MB Clean (20/14lbs)

AMRAP 7 min:

6 Front Rack Lunges

9 MB Cleans

Thursday 06/29/2017


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Ashburn CrossFit – CrossFit


Row 1 min

10 Plate segmented push ups — Left hand on plate, right hand on ground, push up, walk hands to the other side with right hand on plate and left on ground, push up. 5 reps each side.

10 Burpees onto plate

Row 1 min — Arms/hips only. No knee bend. Emphasize getting length/power in the pull by deep hip flexion into hip extension and then arms.

50m Waiter’s walk w. plate (right)

50m Waiter’s walk w. plate (left)

10 Plate halos

Row 1 min — Aim to apply the extension of the hips with an aggressive leg drive/knee extension that’s focused on stroke volume rather than frequency.

10 Plate strict presses — Plate starts at your chest, then straight up overhead horizontal to the ground.

10 Scapular presses — Keep plate overhead and then elevate/depress the shoulders to articulate movement within the scaps. Active shoulders.

Partner hanging stretch

Partner A hangs, B presses on between their shoulder blades to extend thoracic and open the shoulders.

Perform 5-7 sec hang in OHS grip, switch, then in press grip, switch, then in narrow grip (thumbs touching), switch.


PVC Pipe:

Flagpole stretch (20-30 sec, alt top hand)

5 Strict press

5 Push press

5 Push jerk

Split jerk footwork:

Start in power position (under hips), step lead foot forward and out, step back foot backward and out (stance should be shoulder width).

Perform same drill but now split the feet FAST rather than stepping out.

Perform same drill but now add a DIP and DRIVE and JUMP out to split stance.

Perform same drill but add ARMS — hands by shoulders in dip, jump then punch.

Grab PVC and perform few reps with PVC.

*All recoveries are stepped back with lead leg first then back leg forward.

With an empty barbell:

5 Strict press

5 Push press

5 Behind the neck push press

5 Behind the neck split jerk (emphasize vertical bar path here)

5-10 Split jerk


Although the jerk is a shoulder to overhead movement, remind your athletes that this is truly a leg-dominant upper body movement, as the lower body is jumping the bar off of your body and then you are sitting down under the bar to stand it up. Reinforce core to extremity in your brief and make it so athletes realize that the jerk is as much a leg movement as the clean would be — it’s a sequence of jumping and sitting in both movements.

Footwork is hard for the split jerk in comparison to the push jerk. Make sure athletes are receiving in an appropriate width (shoulders) and that their knees are safe when they make contact with the floor, as often the back toe tends to point outwards, straining the medial side of the knee. Both toes should be facing forward. Weight of the front foot should be in the mid foot and weight of the back foot should be in the ball of your foot. Overall bodyweight is centered.

Split Jerk (3-3-3-3-3-3-3-3)

Lift as a group every 3 minutes

Metcon (Time)

Optional Finisher:

3 Rounds:

10 Push Jerk (95/65)

20 Mt. Climbers

Wednesday 06/28/2017


**NEW** YOGA Schedule! Sunday and Thursday at 1pm! Drop In is $16 for members, or ask about a monthly membership option!

Ashburn CrossFit – CrossFit


(15 mins) In Pairs:

40cal Row — Rotate on the rower every 10 calories (20 each) .

5 Partner high five pushups – Perform push up, high five your partner, push up, high five other hand.

40 Single arm DB deadlifts — Perform 2×10 each, 5 on the R, 5 on the L each set.

5 Step back burpee + high five — Jump out to half plank and then jump at the top, high fiving your partner.

40 kipping swings — Perform2×10 sec each, 20 total each.

40 Jumping pullups — Perform2×10

* Plug through as a pair going ‘I go, you go.’

(5 mins) Stretch Sequence

10 Sit-up to pike

10 Sit-up to straddle

15-20sec Scorpions (belly up, pull opposite knee with opposite arm across body)

Roll onto stomach…

15-20sec Scorpions (belly down, focus on keeping both knees extended)

Place hands next to chest…

Down dog to cobra x5

Partner Butterfly Stretch

Person 1 sits in butterfly position with heels together, other person pushes gently on their inner thighs/knee area to open the groin.


(15 mins) Review DB Snatch:

DB deadlift (from warm up)

DB deadlift, jump, shrug

DB deadlift, jump, shrug, high pull

DB deadlift, jump, shrug, high pull, punch

6 Alt DB snatches

5 Pull-ups or Jumping Pullups

6 Heavier alt DB snatches

5 Jumping MU or Jumping C2B Pullups

6 Heavier alt DB snatches

1-3 MUs OR WOD modification

* Should be at appropriate DB weight by end of 3 sets.


After the Monday’s gymnastic demand and Tuesday’s heavy barbell demand, today’s workout is a Master’s Qualifier workout that is a hamstring destroyer straight into a high skilled gymnastic movement, combining weightlifting, monostructural and gymnastics.

Snatches, rowing, into burpees will light up the low back and greatly fatigue not only the hamstrings but the overall posterior chain. After athletes complete these CNS demanding movements, they are to complete a high volume of muscle ups.

The snatches are done with alternating arms and the burpees are done facing the bar with a two-footed jump over the bar.

This workout was truly designed for athletes to get INTO, but not finish the muscle ups, so treat it as almost a 20 minute “get as far as you can go” type of chipper that isn’t necessarily intended on being finished (for most).

A good rep scheme on the DB snatch would be to do 10 reps, 10 sec rest, then repeat. Row and burpee for consistency. When you get to the MU portion, focus on big hips because your arms will be fatigued from the pulling and OH stability of the snatch, the pull of the row, and the press of the burpee.

For your top athletes encourage them to get well into the muscle ups. Getting a lot of muscle ups means getting to this stage of the workout with some fuel left in the tank for smart, strategic sets of 2-5s. Keep sets small so that they do not underestimate the power of the fatigue in their triceps and delts.

For everyone else, the goal should be to get into the muscle ups or as far into those burpees as possible.

Start Rx at 0min and Fitness at 5min. on the clock.

Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)


For time:

100 Single Arm Dumbbell Snatches (50/35lb)

80cal. Row

60 Bar-Facing Burpees

40 Bar Muscle-Ups*

* Scale BMU to jumping BMU or Chest 2 Bar

* 20 min Time Cap

5 Rounds:

20 DB Snatches

10 cal. Row

10 Bar Facing Burpees

10 Jumping pullups

* 20 min Time Cap


Metcon (Time)


For Time:

100 Db Snatches

80 Cal Row

60 Bar Facing Burpees Over The Bar

40 Bar Muscle Ups

Tuesday o6/27/2017

Ashburn CrossFit – CrossFit


Using a light DB:

100m Run (not weighted)

10 Air squats

10 Cossack squats (5 each side)

100m Run

5 Strict DB press (R)

5 Front squats (shouldered R)

5 Strict DB press (L)

5 Front squats (shouldered L)

100m Run

10 Windmills (5 on each side)

100m Run

10 Single arm DB OHS (5 on each side)

(5 mins) Dynamic Mobility

5 or so each side of long lunge sequence + down dog + side planks


(5 mins) Barbell Review

With a PVC:

10 Pass-throughs double overhand

10 Figure 8s

5 Behind the neck snatch grip presses

Go to bottom of squat…

5 Snatch presses (Sots press)

10 OHS

Then, with the empty barbell:

5 Clean deadlift (double overhand, hook grip with more vertical torso)

5 Power cleans

Bring bar to back…

5 Behind the neck snatch grip push press

5 Behind the neck snatch grip push jerk

5 OHS (first couple reps pause @ bottom for 2-3 sec to ensure heels and active shoulders)

Perform front rack stretch (raise one elbow up high while supporting PVC w. other arm) ~30 sec

5-10 Front squats

Bring bar to back…

5-10 Back squats

(10 mins) Perform Heaviest 1 Possible Load of the Complex:

3 OHS + 4 FS + 5 BS

(5 mins) Lower Weight and Prep for Workout


Metcon (Time)

5 Rounds:

7 OH Squat (50-60% 1RM)

7 Front Squat

7 Back Squat

Monday 06/26/2017

Ashburn CrossFit – CrossFit


(10 mins) Partner Up:

A) Timer

B) Performs movement until A is done

A) Row 200m + 10 Burpees

B) Air Squats

A) 10-15 Ring Rows Into 7-10 Push Up + Pike

B) Candlesticks

A) 10-15 Jumping Pull Ups + 2-3 Wall Climbs

B) Rolling Pistols – Candlestick with one leg. Can use hands to help balance as they are standing up. Emphasize momentum out of the bottom of the movement and driving out of the heel.


(10 mins) Mobility Groups – 1 min on each side per exercise

A) Bands

B) Myofacial release

Round 1

A) Banded ankle distraction: Set up band at ankle level on rig or upright, place the band around the ankle, facing away from the pole, get as much tension as possible on the band and then with your foot flat on the ground, use arm assistance to drive knees forward and over the toe into flexion as much as possible.

B) Foam roll lats: Start with roller halfway down ribcage on side of body, work your way up in 1” increments, rolling side to side.

Round 2

A) Banded shoulder distraction : Two poses – one with arm upright and overhead (elbow next to ear) for 30 seconds, second with band pulling arm and getting traction within the shoulder joint (relax it) for 30 seconds, 1 min per side. Switch.

B) Foam roll hip: Start with roller in your hip crease, work your way side to side.


(10 mins) Movement Prep

3 HSPU negatives — Slowly lower self to tripod, come off the wall, kick up again.

3 Strict pullups — Scale to 3 jumping + negative pull up.

3 Rolling pistols — Scale 5 split squat (each leg).

5 Kipping HSPU practice — Decrease ROM to a small pad if needed, or stay with negatives.

5 Kipping pullups

5 Pistols — Scale 5 light DB split squat (each leg).

Perform one full round of movements — DBs find workout weight for split squat, prep all else as needed.


“Mary” is a more gymnastically complex version of it’s sister “Cindy,” in which you are combining three gymnastic elements: a push, pull, and squat. The upper body demand will be high since 20 reps are push/pull and the lower body demand will be more balance-related, therefore a bit slower in nature than a regular two legged air squat.

Because this workout is so complex and technical, many of your athletes will not be metabolically fatigued; the technique of the movements will restrict their speed. That’s OK for today as we are trying to have people get some more volume in with higher skilled gymnastic movements rather than a heavy breather. More proficient athletes will be able to hit this workout with more intensity, with the pullups being the bottleneck.

The goal for this workout is for people to find a steady pace throughout the movements. Since you won’t be able to fly through the movements really fast as they fatigue quickly, make sure that people are not going too hot out of the gate. It may be good to give them a goal to keep track of one round every minute, one round every 90, etc., to keep them in control so they do not crash.

For the majority of your athletes, try to make sure they are just plugging along and doing manageable reps for each person. No movement should be until failure, rather reaching an 85%.

Fitness: The goal for these athletes is to stay moving so they can focus on a more cardiovascular aspect rather than technique. If you need to scale the time down any further, feel free to do that.

Mary (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)

20-Minute AMRAP of:
5 Handstand Push-ups
10 Pistols (5-L / 5-R)
15 Pull-ups


5 Press

10 Split Squats

15 jumping Pullups

*Use a load that makes the 5th press a challenge.

Sunday 06/25/2017

Ashburn CrossFit – CrossFit


Old School Ashburn –

Matt Chan A and B

WOD Prep:

(5min) Review Hang Power Snatch as a Group with an Empty Barbell

* Do as many reps as needed to have them moving well.

* Review cycling the barbell.

(10min) Prep for the Workout

10 Ab Mat Situps

10 Deadlift + 10 Russian swings — use workout weight

10 Hang power snatches — use workout weight

10 Full swings

10 Full ROM V-Ups


For your top athletes, everything should be done pretty fast without much rest. The swings and the snatches are set as fairly light. We see the limiting factor being that second couplet because of pure fatigue during those V-ups and snatches. If they do need to break anything up, it will be during these first few rounds of couplet #2. Encourage them to go unbroken.

The goal is still the same for everyone else, but they may need to take a few breaks during their v-up sets, more so than the fitter athletes. The load should still feel pretty manageable for most people, but scale it as needed. If they think they won’t be able to do all swings unbroken, they should scale. If they don’t think they can do at least 8 reps of the snatches unbroken, they should scale.

Top times for this will be around 12+/-min. We have allowed up to 15min for the majority of your athletes to get it done.

Fitness: We have scaled the V-ups to regular abmat situps but kept the same amount of reps. We want this to be a fast and snappy workout for them. They will most likely do it in around 10min or faster. That is good. Scale the load on the swings and snatches as needed.

Metcon (Time)



KB Swings (24/16kg)



Hang Power Snatch (95/65lbs)


Abmat Situps

KB Swings


Abmat Situps

Hang Power Snatch

Saturday 06/24/2017

Ashburn CrossFit – CrossFit


(5-10min) Play ‘deck of card’ game to warmup.

Spades = Pushups

Hearts = Jumping jacks

Diamonds = Air squats

Clubs = Situps

Joker = 200m run

* The number on the card = how many reps they do

* Face cards = 10 reps

* Flip over a few cards in a row, so if the numbers are low, they can get straight into the next set of movements/reps etc.

* Go through half – the whole deck, or until you think they are warmed up enough!


(5min) Briefly Review Thruster with an Empty Barbell as a Group.

(5-10min) Prep for Workout

5 Thrusters

3 Rounds

* Take 3 sets to get to their working weight.

* Perform the last set at their working weight.

* Prep as needed for the workout.

(30min) Perform Workout

* This workout can take longer than this but we think 30min is a good amount of time for people to be struggling through thrusters. They might even be thankful for it.


Mainly, this workout is about survival. For most of your athletes, just finishing this workout will be a huge mental toughness test! The WOD will be time capped at 30 MINUTES. Scale your weights and reps accordingly. 🙂 Ask your coach for guidance, it’s what we’re here for. 🙂

Unless you are one of those thruster/burpee ninjas, we suggest to not go too hot out of the gate. Pick a number of thrusters that you think you can maintain for the first half of the workout and then another number for the second half. It will decrease.

Some of your top athletes might be able to go around 15min, but that will be pretty rare. You should allow around 30min for everyone to get it done, and if there are some die hards that really want to go Rxd but end up taking over 30min, make them finish!!! Seriously, we don’t often encourage that, but this workout is more mental than anything and capping your athletes will give them an out to stop/quit.

For this reason, it is important that you encourage people to scale as needed. They should be able to do 10+ reps of the load no problem when they are fresh.

Fitness: We have taken the burpees down to 3 per round. This will allow them to get a few more thrusters per round. Use a weight they can do for at least 5-6 reps in a row. If you don’t really want some people performing thrusters for whatever reason (mobility, injury), sub in DB front squats instead.

Kalsu (Time)

For Time:

100 Thrusters, 135# / 95#

*Perform 5 Burpees Every Minute on the Minute*
In honor of LT Robert James Kalsu (April 13, 1945 – July 21, 1970)
To learn more about Kalsu click here

70 Thrusters

*Perform 3 Burpees very Minute on the Minute*

Cool Down

200 m walk and Couch stretch

Metcon (Time)

Don’t Drop the Bar, Kalsu:

100 Thrusters

* Each time you drop the bar, do five Burpees.

Friday 06/23/2017

Ashburn CrossFit – CrossFit


(10min) Dynamic Mobility Warmup

Walking long lunge sequence

Bird peckers

10 Ring row + scap retraction at the bottom

5 Ring pushouts

Toy soldiers

Bear crawls

10 Ring rows

5 Ring pushouts

Inchworm to zombie pull

Crab walks

10 Ring rows

5 Ring pushouts

* Increase the difficulty of the ring row each round. The last rows should be inverted.


(5min) Review SDHP with an Empty Barbell

Do as many reps as needed to have them moving well.

* Sumo deadlift – deadlift shrug – sumo deadlift high pull

(5min) Review Pistol and Progressions

Go through the following progressions performing a few reps of each:

– Lunges

– Rolling pistols. Scale to two foot standing. Try not to use hands on the floor.

– Standing on a box pistol. If you don’t have time for this one, skip to pistol (one leg squat) down onto a box to stand. Or, scale further to a wall/pole assisted pistol.

– Regular pistols. SCALE to the progression they are able to perform.

(5min) Prep for the Workout

10 Inverted ring rows

10 SDHP at their workout weight

10 Good Mornings at WOD weight (if using weight)


Time for a longer workout today. Lots of gymnastics and a teeny bit of loading for the SDHP. Rep volume is set pretty high so that it becomes a ‘plug away at it’ type of workout. The aerobic output will be high and nothing should be able to be done at a blistering pace. The 30min should go by pretty quickly and no one should be dying on the ground afterwards. A good walk around the block should be a good recovery.

For the inverted ring rows, for Rxd, the standard is for the body to be parallel to the ground. You can achieve this by elevating their feet up onto a box or bench.

Rxd: The goal for today is to keep moving as consistently as possible. The limiting factors for most people will be the pistols and the ring rows. The pistols, being a skilled movement, are hard for some people to string together, and the ring rows just get really hard! Most sets will need to be broken up during the workout, that is ok, as long as they rest quickly and go again. Make sure they find a pistol and ring row scale that they are able to maintain for at least 5 reps unbroken when they are TIRED, which means about 10+ when they are fresh. This number will most likely drop off in the last few rounds.

We are not looking for maximum intensity for 30min but relative intensity, given it is a 30min workout with a high rep count on each movement.

The SDHP and the hip extensions can probably be done unbroken each round, and these will eventually start to really fatigue them for the pistols and ring rows. So, keep a steady pace throughout the whole workout and try not to go to failure on those first sets of ring rows.

Ideally, your top athletes should aim for over 7 rounds, with the majority trying to aim for around 5+.

Fitness: We have used a simple walking lunge for these guys instead of a pistol scale. They will get just as much out of it and they won’t be trying to balance on one leg and end up falling over.

Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)

AMRAP 30 min

20 Pistols

20 Inverted Ring Rows

20 SDHP (95/65lbs)

20 Weighted Good Mornings (25/15)

AMRAP 30 min:

15 Walking Lunges

15 Ring Rows


15 Good Mornings

Thursday 06/22/2017

Ashburn CrossFit – CrossFit


(10min) Partner Warmup

2 Rounds:

10 +/- Distracted wheelbarrows + wheelbarrow walks (50m)

10 +/- Leg throws

10 +/- Wall squat med ball toss (While one partner holds a wall squat, the other partner lies facing them with a med ball, performs a sit up to toss to their partner.)

* Reps are per person.

(10min) Row Prep — In Partners

5 x 30sec Sprint – 30sec Rest (they rest while their partner works)

* Transition as quickly as you can

* These should be done at 100% intensity.


(10min) Prep for the Workout — As a Group, Perform:

10 Walking half handstands

Then, with a light plate (2.5-5lbs) perform:

In a lunge position, hold 30sec single arm overhead hold — 15sec each side

In a lunge position, hold 30sec single arm iron cross — 15sec each side

30sec Handstand hold

Then, with their workout weight, perform:

30sec Single arm iron cross — 15sec each side

15sec Nerve flossing


15sec Double arm iron cross

15sec Nerve flossing


30sec Handstand hold


Work/rest workout today. Technically it is only 11.5 minutes of actual work. The rest of it is rest time. The rest times will really only be enough time for people to move from their station to the next one and catch a couple of breaths. It isn’t intended to be full recovery between movements.

The holds are intended to be done unbroken, but there is no penalty if they need to come down during the allocated time. They just need to go right back into the hold. It is only 45sec each hold, which should be short enough for people to hang in there!

For the handstand hold, feel free to scale people UP to either a wall facing hold or a free standing hold if you think it is necessary. Something that they can hold for 45sec but will be challenging.

For the iron cross holds, there is no designated load. You can designate this, or you can just have them use whatever they can manage for 45sec. To be honest, a small pair of 5lb plates will do the trick for most people. It is a really brutal exercise and makes people really uncomfortable, really quickly.

Maximize your time on the rower. That might mean going 100% the full minute for stronger athletes, or finding a pace you can maintain over all three rounds. You will see a huge range of scores today. Also, the holds are going to make the rowing efforts more challenging in the later rounds. Use the warm up to help determine your pacing.

Metcon (Calories)

3 Rounds:

1min Row for Cal

30sec Rest

45sec Handstand Hold

15sec Rest

1min Row for Cal

30sec Rest

45sec Iron Cross Hold

15sec Rest

3 Rounds:

1min Row for Cal

30sec Rest

45sec Plank Hold

15sec Rest

1min Row for Cal

30sec Rest

45sec Single Arm Iron Cross Hold

15sec Rest

Cool Down

Perform a single leg KB groin stretch for 1-2min each side. (Use a plate rested on one leg at a time.)

Then, for roughly 10 reps each, perform some ‘lazy’ situp to straddle stretches.