Tuesday 08/01/2017

Ashburn CrossFit – CrossFit


(15min) Gymnastics Complex #1:

Warm up

10 Arm circle sequence

10 Seated shoulder extension stretch (leg rotations) start slow on this one

3 Hanging core sequence (rest as needed between reps)


* Have everyone go through each of the progressions a few times. When they get stuck, they should stay there and perform 2-3 x 5 sets of that movement.

Backward roll + progressions into backward roll to handstand

1. Candlestick Arms up and Hollow Body

2. Candlestick – Hands down and Hollow Body

3. Candlestick – Hands down, tuck legs, and push up with the hands (Almost a back roll)

4. Back extension roll progression 2 (Back Roll landing on feet)

False grip/pullup/muscle up work

* Have everyone go through each of the progressions a few times. When they get stuck, they should stay there and perform 2-3 x 5 sets of that movement.

1. False grip hang

* Scale this to hanging on a low racked squat rack/bar, or some low rings

2. false grip pullup

* For scaling, continue to use low bars for each movement.

Bench rocks/arch rocks (2 x 20 reps)

Beginner version or advanced version

* rest as needed between sets


(15min) Workout Prep (do the first two-three sets as a group, coaching through each movement):


Deadlifts – add weight each round till WOD weight

Ring Dips – move through progression each round: box/matador dips – jumping ring dips – ring dips (stop progression at WOD modification)

Box Jumps


The goal is to be fast and consistent across all three rounds. That means, they should aim to finish each round in roughly the same amount of time. For some athletes, this might be hard since they are used to doing their first rounds fast and unbroken and then hanging on for the last two. Ideally, your top athletes should be able to do each round fast. They may need to break things up, but they won’t need big breaks. Short, snappy breaks will be enough for them to rest, then go again.

The majority of your athletes may hit a roadblock in those ring dips. For these athletes, make sure they start a little more conservatively so that they can maintain their pace across all three rounds. The deadlifts may get a little heavy for some of your athletes. Challenge those people who you know should do the weight. For the rest, scale as needed below. Box jumps are box jumps. Most people can get through this number no problem. For today, try to encourage people to get them done a little quicker than they normally would since they get to rest afterward.

Each round should take roughly between 4-5min, including the rest time. We have only allocated 15min to get the workout done. This might mean a more aggressive scaling for some people to get it done in that time cap.


Deadlift: They should be able to do a set of 10-12 fresh with their working weight. It is not intended to be really heavy. Scale as needed.

Ring dips: Ideally, they should be able to perform roughly 3-5 sets of 5 reps unbroken. This means they should only need to break up their sets between 3-4times, possibly a little more in the last set. First, scale the movement to a really thin band. Nothing thick. It changes the stimulus of the movement and makes the end range of the dip harder to achieve. Secondly, scale to a really hard box/bench dip with their feet elevated to increase the difficulty. Lastly, use a regular pushup if people are having trouble with the dip position. Scale this as needed.

Metcon (Time)

3 RFT:

15 deadlifts (275/185lbs)

18 ring dips

21 box jumps (24/20″)

rest 1min

3 RFT:

15 Deadlifts

18 box dips

21 Step ups

Monday 07/31/2017

Ashburn CrossFit – CrossFit


(15min) Bulletproof Hips – Workout #13/Retest #4


Standing lumbo-pelvic flexion


Lateral leg swings: x 15 each leg

Alternating groiners: x 20 each leg to discomfort tolerance

Samson stretch: accumulate 1 minute each side


Sumo deadlifts: 3 x 6 @ moderate weight

Rest at least 1 minute between sets


Standing lumbo-pelvic flexion

From the coaches at Active Life Rxd:

Why is the Sumo Deadlift in the program? We’ve found it to be a safe and effective way to test and improve hinging patterns. It also develops hip strength in a position that does not receive as much attention as the squat and pulling positions even though it is just as important for a healthy, high performing hip. It exposes weakness in hinge patterns as well as weakness in hip strength.

Why Sumo instead of Standard? 2 reasons:

1) It is a stimulus most people don’t experience on a regular basis and therefore is underdeveloped.

2) Safety. Many chronically painful spines do not resist shear force very well resulting in pain and injury. Sumo stance allows for a slightly more vertical torso and less shearing on the spine.


(5min) Review the hang power clean as a group with an empty barbell

Dip shrug – hang muscle clean – hang power clean

* Briefly review barbell cycling.

(10min) Prep for workout as a group, coaching as they move through it

Run 200m

10 Walking lunges

10 Single arm KB press (5 each side)

5 Hang power clean

Run 200m

10 Single arm KB walking lunges

10 Single arm KB push press (5 each side)

5 Hang power clean

* Use their working weight for the 2nd round of lunges/push presses and cleans.

(24min) Perform Workout


Today we wanted to combine a monostructural movement (running) with squatting/carrying (lunges), pressing (push press) and pulling (clean). We kept the load light for both the lunges and the cleans so your athletes are able to keep moving consistently throughout the workout.

Rxd: Today, the goal is to be consistent in their runs and hit the other three movements with a little bit more intensity. This means, that they should remain comfortable on each run and move a little quicker than they want to when they get inside. This isn’t a license for them to run slow. It just means they should be able to control their breathing throughout the runs.

We kept the same load for the lunges/push presses for both categories. Your top Rxd athletes shouldn’t have a problem with these loads, but for the majority, it might start to slow them down. Scale as needed below. The barbell weight is light enough so that most people will be able to perform high hang power cleans with a relatively fast turnover rate. Ideally, all 12 reps for each movement should be able to be done quickly and unbroken. Use the runs as a time to catch their breath.

For your top athletes, each round should take roughly between 3-4min. They should try to remain consistent across the 24min. They should aim for 6 or more rounds. For the majority of your athletes, they should shoot to get into the 5th round.

Fitness: We kept the runs the same but decreased the reps on the other movements per round so they could try keep up the same pace as the other categories. Use scaled loads as prescribed below.

Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)

AMRAP 24 min:

400m Run

12 Single Arm KB Walking Lunge (16/12kg)(6 each side)

12 Single Arm KB Push Press (16/12kg) (6 each side)

12 Hang Power Clean (95/65lbs)


400m Run

8Single Arm KB Walking Lunge

8 Single Arm KB Push Press

8 Hang Power Clean

Sunday 07/30/17

Ashburn CrossFit – CrossFit


(10 mins) Cone Speed Drill to warm up

(5 min) Mobility work

30 sec Cat camel twerk

30 sec Plane crash victim

30 sec Inchworm to zombie pull

30 sec Partner pec stretch (each person)


(10 mins) Upper Body Gymnastics Prep

Perform as a group:

3-5 x 5 sec push ups (5 sec descent, 5 sec pause at bottom, press up)

2-3 Broad jumps

5 Push ups

2-3 Broad jumps (further)

3-5 Deficit push ups

*Keep going on push ups until you cannot perform 3 in a row.

*Keep going on jumps until you find your max distance, take around 50% of that for workout distance (eyeball it).

(10 mins) Prep Stations

6 DB deadlifts

6 Alt DB snatches (3 each)

2-3 Rounds

*Add weight as you go.

*Set up push-up station (shorter height than the first portion) & ropes.


Today’s workout is a chipper that starts out with a heavy posterior leg emphasis and ends with a challenging upper body push pull. Those who completed yesterday’s workout may feel their back sides lit from yesterday’s cleans, so we will feature a bit more back and hamstring work in today’s warm up.

Rxd: For the deadlifts, athletes will be able to complete the work in 2-3 sets. Even if they can go unbroken for all 50, encourage them to perform one rest and then use that energy for the DB snatches to go unbroken. Snatches should be a weight they can move with and perform with maybe 1-2 rests during the set. This should be a light to moderate weight. For the broad jumps, we will establish a maximum distance in the warm up, so aim to have them exceed 50% of their best jump in each broad jump of the workout (30 total reps). They can measure this off of the stall mats or with cones on the floor. Deficit push ups should be challenging and performed in sets of 5-7 during the workout. If they can do close to 10, make the push up deficit larger. Legless rope climbs for most of these athletes will be singles. Encourage them to rest between reps to avoid failure.

Better times in this workout will be around the 10-minute range, ranging up towards 15 based on the complexity of gymnastic upper body movement implemented.

Fitness: DB movements should be light so they can move and complete their reps of each movement in no more than 4 sets (15ish reps per set on the deadlifts and 10 reps per set on the snatches). For broad jumps, we will establish a max jump in the warm up, but encourage them to jump around half of what they jumped for their maximum jump during the workout. On the gymnastic upper body movements, small sets with rest will be key here to mitigate muscle fatigue. They should be able to perform around 5 at a time on push ups and singles on the rope.

Seated Press: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oXGvOG7RWUo

These athletes will likely take upwards of 12-15 min

Metcon (Time)

50 DB Deadlift (50/35lbs)

40 Single Arm DB Snatches

30 Broad Jumps

20 Deficit Pushup

10 Legless Rope Climbs

40 DB Deadlift

30 Single Arm DB Snatches

20 Broad Jumps

10 Deficit Pushup

10 Seated Rope Climbs

Saturday 07/29/2017

Ashburn CrossFit – CrossFit


Grab a rower and a barbell:

200m Row

10 Barbell good mornings

10 Barbell bent over rows

200m Row

10 Barbell front squats

10 Downward dog + push up

200m Row

5 Hang muscle cleans

5 Power cleans

5 Squat cleans

*Do the barbell movements as a group.


(15 mins) Muscle up Practice

Review each movement in the strength and transition technique with the class, then break out:


3-5 Hard false grip ring row // ring pull up // strict pull up//jumping negative

3-5 Half dips (start at the bottom and then press out) // dip negatives // box dips

Rest 1 min b/t sets

Transition technique:

Jackie chan muscle up transition

Banded ring muscle up transition

*These should be done as singles and for quality, not reps, and only if people can do the movements of the strength portion well

Muscle up practice:

Practice the movement you’ll be doing in the WOD.

(10 mins) Prep for Workout

*Add load to cleans in reps of 3-5.

*Set up boxes for jumping and rings.


Today’s workout is a partner workout that not only challenges an athlete’s weightlifting prowess, but also their skill under fatigue with muscle ups. The format is a partner AMRAP where the two individuals have the ability to be creative and design their own rep scheme to maximize their efficiency during the 15 mins.

There are two movements, squat clean and a muscle up (bar or ring is permissible, both partners don’t need to be doing the same type), and one person is working at a time. Pairs are in charge of creating their own rep scheme and alternating pattern for these movements within the 15 minutes to maximize workload – aka number of reps they perform. One person works at a time, the other rests. Both athletes do not need to do the same number of reps, but try to avoid one person completing all of the muscle ups while the other does all of the cleans.

The design of this workout is to find a perfect balance between rest, skill, and a heavy barbell load. Legs will be fatigued going into muscle ups, so make sure to reinforce tight body positions in their kip. Challenge your crew to go out of their comfort zone today, whether that’s with the weight of the clean or the complexity of the muscle up variation.

Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)

In partners perform AMRAP 15 mins of both movements:

Squat Clean (80% 1RM)

Muscle Up

* They can use any order rep scheme they like.

* Only one person on each movement at a time.

Friday 07/28/2017

Ashburn CrossFit – CrossFit


(15min) Bulletproof Hips – Workout #12/Retest #3


Supine hip flexion


Foam roll: 30 seconds each quad

Eccentric knee flexion: x 10, load as capable

Lateral box step ups: x 5 as high as possible


Front rack box step ups: 3 x 6 each leg @ moderate weight, perform all reps with a slower down/faster up tempo. The box should be slightly above knee height, but if this is painful or impossible to perform without weights use a box below knee height and work up to that goal.


Supine hip flexion


(5 mins) Prepare stations:

2 Rounds:

10/7 cal Row

20 DU, 30 singles

5-10 Wall ball shots

(30 mins) Perform Workout


Today’s workout is a pyramid of time, where you start out with a minute at each movement, then with no rest, go into a straight 2 minutes of each movement, repeating for 3 minutes, and then back down to 2 minutes, with the final round of 1 minute. It is a total of 9 minutes at each movement, 27 minutes total.

Rxd: A good goal for these athletes would be to maintain 20/15+ on the rower, with a steady double under and wall ball pace. Some athletes will be able to perform a big set of wall balls at the get go and then manageable sets thereafter (10-15), or others will like to start out by performing sets of 10-20 from the get go, managing their work to rest ratio.

Fitness: Encourage these people to stick to a steady 75% on the rower and to not blow their load as the medicine ball will be a challenging station for them. When they get to the wall, encourage them to perform sets of 10 with mini breaks to keep their heart rate down instead of going for a big set and red-lining.

Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)



Double Unders

Wall Ball (20/14lbs)

Cool Down

1min each side barbell quad roll out

30 reps groiner stretch

10 reps bootstrap stretch

Do these with purpose, but go slow.

Thursday 07/27/2017

Ashburn CrossFit – CrossFit


(15min) Bulletproof Hips – Workout #11/Retest #2


Kneeling heel to butt test

Prone heel to butt test — right and left leg


Sciatic nerve flossing: 30 seconds each leg

Stagger stance good mornings: x 5 each leg (use empty barbell)

Sciatic nerve flossing: 30 seconds each leg

Sumo inchworms: x 5


Sumo stance good mornings: 3 x 6 @ moderate weight

Box hamstring curls: x 5 after each set of sumo stance good mornings


Kneeling heel to butt test

Prone heel to butt test — right and left leg


(10 mins) In pairs:

One person performs # reps of a movement, other performs stretch:

10 Ring rows — flagpole stretch

20 Plank cherry pickers — wall slides

10 Air squats — bootstrap stretch

10 Kip swings on pull up bar — flexi swimmer stretch

5 Tempo push ups (3 second descent down, hand release at bottom, press out) — wall pec stretch

10 Cossack squats — groiner stretch

With any time remaining, perform some forearm and wrist mobility stretches .

(5 mins) Prep Workout Movements

3-4 rounds:

20m Farmer’s carry

Mini round of Cindy (3-6-9)


Today’s workout features a combination of a classic gymnastic benchmark, Cindy, with a Strongman exercise with a heavy emphasis. This combination of movements will be challenging, as the rounds of Cindy should be fast and metabolic, increasing heart rate and breathing and fatiguing the shoulders. The heavy farmer’s carries will make it challenging to breathe as the KBs or DBs will tax your athlete’s shoulders and cores.

Use Cindy as a way to break up the farmer’s carries, as these will be the most challenging portion of the workout. These carries are much more mental than physical – encourage your athletes to hang on longer than they think they can!

Rxd: These athletes should be able to complete their rounds of Cindy in 35-50 sec per round and have this be the easier portion of the workout, where they can complete their movements at an unbroken pace. The challenging area of this workout will be the farmer’s carries, as more competitive athletes should be able to go 32/24kg. Challenge them to perform each 200m in 1-2 sets, breaking at the 100m turn around point if necessary.

Top athletes will be right around 20 minutes.

Fitness: Goal for these athletes is to move quickly through the Cindy rounds and not get bogged down with reps or movement difficulty. They should be able to complete rounds of Cindy in less than a minute. Make it a goal for these athletes to complete the entire 200m in one go, maximum 1 set.

Give these athletes a full 25 minutes, as most of them will be taking that entire time.

Metcon (Time)


Rounds of Cindy

200m Farmers Carry (heavy)


Rounds of Cindy using Ring Rows and elevated pushups

200m Farmers Carry

Cool Down

5-10 minutes: Lacrosse ball or KB hand smash – hip crease and glutes, forearms and palms of hands.

Wednesday 07/26/2017

Ashburn CrossFit – CrossFit


(10 mins) EMOM 10 Alternating

Partner 1: 45 sec Running Drill

Partner 2: 45 sec Slam Ball or DB Slam Movement

*5 rounds each

Running/slam ball movements per round:

Round 1 – Shuttle runs & slam ball deadlifts

Round 2 – Backwards running & slam ball goblet squats

Round 3 – Side shuffle & slam ball presses

Round 4 – High knees & slam balls

Round 5 – Butt kickers & slam balls


(5 min) Mobility

3 reps each side of Supine bridge w. reach — 10 sec hold at each side.

15 sec Partner lying arm lift — each person

5 reps Lying wall hands to toes

2 Rounds

Then: (10 min)


30 sec Superman hold

30 sec Deadbugs

Together or two groups:

10 reps Jefferson curl

10-20 reps Heel touches (use crack in the floor)

10 reps plate good mornings

10 reps v-ups

(5 mins) Perform a few reps of both slam balls and v-ups


Today’s workout features some running to loosen the legs up and two different anterior chain (front of the body) hip flexion (closing) movements. Hips are the predominant driver in the V-ups and slam ball, but abs will be feeling it as they should be bracing!

Slam balls are hard to create standards for. Ball should start out overhead with arms almost locked out (slight bend in the elbow is ok). Make sure that athletes are thinking of slam balls as a hip facilitated, closing movement, where they sit down first and then their arms follow. It can be easy to simply throw the ball down without getting the effect of using the body as one unit. Tell your athletes to visualize this movement as a reverse clean, where their hip is driving the movement. If they are doing these right, they should be very tired from doing 5 reps and shouldn’t be able to do more than 10 in a row without taking a break – reinforce quality over quantity, despite the scoring being number of reps of slam balls and v-ups.

Rxd: For the first couplet, make it a goal for these athletes to be performing their GHD sit ups before the minute, with the goal to perform 20+ reps in the remaining window of time. .

On second couplet, encourage a brisk running pace where they feel challenged coming back in for this strongman movement. These athletes should not be able to perform more than 5-7 reps at a time.

Fitness: For the first couplet, tell yourathletes to push the pace on their 200m run since the sit ups will not be very metabolically challenging. On the second couplet, have them hit the run at a sustainable pace (not as fast as the 200s), and find a slam ball weight they can consistently move with, performing 5-10 reps at a time. It is ok if this is a bit lighter for these athletes, as we want them to get acquainted with a more unique movement.

Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)

3 Rounds:

200m Run

With what time is remaining of 2min, perform AMRAP V-ups (sit ups)

Rest 1min

3 Rounds:

400m Run

With what time is remaining of 4min, perform AMRAP Slamballs.

Rest 1min

Tuesday 07/25/2017

Ashburn CrossFit – CrossFit


(15-20min) Bulletproof Hips – Workout #10/Retest #1


Ankle dorsiflexion

* Range of Motion Standards Men: 5 1/2 inches from toe to wall per leg. Women: 4 1/2 inches from toe to wall per leg. Anterior Stretch: If you feel tension in the back of your leg and are missing more than 1 inch of range of motion on either side you have 2 options: 1. Add Eccentric Ankle Dorsiflexions to your workouts 2 or 3 times per week. 2. Use the BulletproofRx Ankles program for a far more comprehensive and longer lasting solution. Pinching In The Front: If you feel a pinch in the front of your ankle, you might need the BulletproofRx Ankles program.


Side shuffles: 4 x 10M

Walking lunge: 20 steps while holding light DBs in both hands

Alternating Kossacks: x 10

1 Arm waiters carry: 50M each arm @ light to moderate weight (100M total) — Different than our waiters carry.

Keep your breathing rate under 5 breaths/20 seconds.

3 Rounds


2 Arm farmer carry: 3 x 50M @ moderate weight, weight should be equal in each hand.

Rest 1 minute between sets.


Ankle dorsiflexion

Note: We are checking to see if your ankle dorsiflexion improves, stays the same or gets worse after you perform the 2 arm farmer carry. It shouldn’t get worse.

If you are a man and you score less than 5.5 inches or a woman and score less than 4.5 inches on either leg, you will definitely benefit from Bulletproof Ankles.


(10 mins) Mobility

30 sec Hip capsule stretch (each side)

1 min Pigeon stretch with lacrosse ball (each side)

1 min Banded hip distraction (each side)

(5 mins) Review Split Squat

10 Bodyweight lunges

10 Barbell lunges

10 Split squats (10 on each side)

*Quickly review spotting techniques with a PVC pipe if class is unfamiliar with these techniques.


The split squat is performed as reps per leg – complete total reps on one leg, then perform on the other leg to equal one set. A good tactic would be to start out with the athlete’s weaker leg first. For safety purposes, make sure athletes are staying engaged at the bottom of their split squat and not disengaging, as it will be a lot harder to stand up after loss of tension. If they do lose tension, make sure that they have spotters (one on each side or one behind) so that the athlete does not have to dump the bar behind them with a leg trailing behind.

The split squat is a posterior dominant leg strength movement, with the active muscles driving you out of the bottom of the lunge being the glutes and hamstrings. Really reinforce driving out of the midfoot/heel in this movement so that they feel this engagement as the front foot is the driving force of their lockout. Reinforce a vertical torso angle. If they are feeling it predominantly in their hip flexor (trailing leg), they are placing too much pressure on the back toe; reinforce the front foot and a vertical shin angle, driving through the heels.

Rxd: Use the 5s and 3s to get them acclimated to heavier weight, increasing load on each of the singles. Does not necessarily need to be a 5 or a 3 rep max. For these athletes, they will be able to get to around 80% of their 1RM back squat (depending upon asymmetries of leg strength), so make sure that they are spotting each other with one on each side. Push these athletes to have a 1RM mindset and really brace their core by pushing their breath down.

Fitness:We have omitted the singles for these athletes, as we wish to reinforce good positions and nail down motor patterns in this single leg movement. These athletes may discover that they have a weaker leg, so if they do, make sure they are performing quality reps on both legs and not having their weaker leg lift too heavy of a load to match their stronger leg.

Split Squat (5-3-3-1-1-1)

Single leg squat from the split position.

Split Squat (5-5-5-3-3-3)

Single leg squat from the split position.
Athletes that are getting used to the split squat technique should stay with the higher rep scheme and solidify form before going for a 1 RM.

Metcon (Time)

20/15 cal Row or Assault bike

50 Overhead Plate Jumping Lunges (each leg = 1 rep) – hold the plate overhead while jumping.
Use a light plate with a strong OH position.

Monday 07/24/2017

Ashburn CrossFit – CrossFit


2 min of Jump Rope


(20min) Bulletproof Hips — Workout #9


Side shuffles: 4 x 10M

Walking lunge: 20 steps while holding light DBs in both hands

alternating kossacks x 10

1 Arm waiters carry: 50M each arm @ light to moderate weight (100M total)

Keep your breathing rate under 5 breaths/20 seconds

3 Rounds


1 Arm waiters squat: 3 x 8 each arm @ moderate weight with 3 count pause at bottom, increase the weight on each set if possible. Your last set of 8 should be difficult. (6 sets total)

1 Arm farmer carry: 3 x 60M each arm @ moderate weight after each set of 1 arm waiters squat. (6 sets total)


Hip wind up stretch: hold a full Wind Up for 1 minute on each side

(10 min) Work up to a heavy 3rep weighted pull-up

(10 mins) Prep Thruster

5 Barbell presses

5 Barbell behind the neck push press

5 Wrist circles

5 Barbell front squats

5 Barbell thrusters

Add load and perform sets of 5 until workout weight.

DB weight should be chosen and at pull-up bar for pull-ups.

(10-15 mins) Perform Workout


Goal for thruster weight would be a heavy, yet manageable weight to hit an unbroken 15 seconds across all 5 sets. Should be a weight where they have to JUMP and can’t press early on the thruster. The thruster will by far be the hardest movement for these athletes as they should have the ability to cycle the bar pretty quickly. Anyone performing thrusters can increase efficiency by pulling the bar back down to the shoulders to decrease cycle time (only for good movers with a good front rack position). A good goal for thrusters for these athletes would be 8-10+ reps.

The goal for weighted pull-ups would be to hit an unbroken set or fast singles so that you are moving the whole 15 seconds. They can grip in any way they would like (conventional, mixed, chin up) and can kip these pull ups, just be careful of loading the shoulder on the way down and watch that athletes are not getting lax in the bottom position. Weighted pull-ups can be a potential safety issue here since many of these athletes are likely kipping/butterflying normal pull-ups. Make sure that when they fatigue, they are jumping off of the bar and doing small sets so they keep their labrum safe! This movement will be challenging, but the shoulder fatigue will likely inhibit their ability to really go at a ridiculous pace.

The goal for burpees is to GO HARD. Encourage athletes to press off of the floor quickly so they minimize pressing fatigue as they are going into another pressing movement immediately after.

Encourage them to shake their arms out on burpees and keep the traps from riding up, with the goal of 7 burpees per set – make sure they don’t sandbag here!

Fitness: The goal on the thrusters would be to keep the bar on their shoulders and not drop it during the 15 seconds. You can challenge these guys to go for a slightly heavier load than they normally would go so they get some work under a heavier bar since the work ratio is so short.

For pull ups, have them try more in each set.

Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)

Quarter Gone Bad:

5 Rounds:

15sec Thrusters (115/75lbs)

Rest 45 seconds

15sec Weighted Pullups (35/25lbs)

Rest 45 seconds

15sec Burpees

Rest 45 seconds

5 Rounds:

15sec Thrusters

Rest 45 seconds

15sec Bent Over Rows

Rest 45 seconds

15sec Burpees

Rest 45 seconds

Sunday 07/23/2017

Ashburn CrossFit – CrossFit


Down and Backs


(10 mins) 30 Single Unders — Jump Laterally

3 Wall climbs (scale height up wall)

30 Single unders — jump forward & back

1 Handstand kick up + 20 sec hold (scale to wall climb + wall facing hold)

30 Single unders — backward

1 Handstand kick Up + 10

Cherry pickers — Scale to wall facing cherry pickers.

30 Single leg jumps — 15 right, 15 left

1min Freestanding kick ups — Scale to handstand kick up against wall or attempts.


Solo work: Start on the wall a bit further away from the wall and work with taking one foot off of the wall at a time.

Partner Work: If very confident with handstand kick ups, can kick up to a partner’s hands and use this person to spot them (in place and walking).

(30+ min) Perform Workout


Today’s workout will be a long grinder in which a shoulder-dominated, technique-oriented movement (handstands) is combined with a heavy leg demand (step ups) and passive shoulder demand (holding DBs), all combined with the jump (legs) and turnover of a jump rope (shoulders.

It is beneficial to hit this workout at an 80% pace overall so that you do not trip up on the inversion work. Going at too fast of a pace on the step ups and tightness in your shoulders while jump roping can make the slippery slope of the handstands much more challenging.

Jump roping today is singles, which can be very challenging for people who are used to doubles. Reinforce elbows in, shoulders retracted, butt squeezed, and ankles together on the jump so that you are jumping efficiently.

Choose a step up weight that is light-moderate so that you can stay moving relatively quickly with set rep ranges around 10-20 (max). Reps are one per leg and you can hold the DB in any way.

Metcon (Time)

100 Single Unders

100ft Handstand walk

50 Single DB Step Ups

75 Single Unders

75ft Handstand Walk

40 DB Step Ups

50 Single Unders

50ft Handstand Walk

30 DB Step Ups

25 Single Unders

25ft Handstand Walk

20 DB Step Ups

100 Single Unders

10 Round the Box Walks

25 Single DB Step Ups

75 Single Unders

7 Round the Box Walks

25 DB Step Ups

50 Single Unders

5 Round the Box Walks

25 DB Step Ups

25 Single Unders

2 Round the Box Walks

25 DB Step Ups