Friday 09/01/2017


Labor Day Hours – Class at 9am and 10am ONLY!
Nutrition Challenge Starts 9/6 – Come to our Info meeting 9/5 at 6pm!

Ashburn CrossFit – CrossFit


(5-10min) Dynamic Mobility Warmup

Have everyone in a big circle, then, have them start running around in that circle. On your command, have them change movements to:

1. Running backwards

2. Sideways stepping — both ways

3. High knees

4. Low side shuffling — both ways

5. Arm Swings while running forwards

* Every 30sec or so, have them stop in their circle and perform the following movements (one at a time, then get back to moving in the circle again):

1. 10 Downward Dog Leg Raises (come back to Downward Dog position each time) — 5 each side

2. 1 Inchworm + 5 Pushups. 1 Inchworm + 4 Pushups… Down to 1 Pushup.

3. 5 Down dog into Cobra Stretch — back up through staying low

4. 10 Hip/Leg Raises in Supine Plank — 5 each side

5. 10 Alternating Groiners — Sit in each position for 5sec. Move the ankles/hips/knees around each time.

(10min) MORE Stability/Mobility — In Partners

Spend 30sec-1min in each position for each person:

1. Partner assist MB/PVC Stretch — Assist each other with the overhead position.

2. Partner chest stretch


(10min) Review Movements

With a PVC or/and an empty barbell, perform as many reps of the following movements that has them moving well:

Dip Shrug – Muscle Clean – Power Clean (land in high squat) – Power Clean (land in low squat) – Press – Push Press – Push Jerk – Split Jerk (depending on the level of your athletes, you can choose to omit teaching this).

Then, put it all together and perform a few reps of Power Clean and Jerk to finish off.

(10min) Prep for Workout

5 Power Clean + 4 Jerk + 3 Power Clean and Jerk

5 Sets

* Add load each set. For the first 2-3 sets, aim to do everything unbroken. Then, as it gets heavy, break it up as needed.


We wanted a fairly short/med, moderately heavy Olympic Lifting style workout that was a little ‘Grace-ish’ in how it would feel. But on steroids! It requires a rather large cardiovascular output with a large emphasis on strength endurance. Technique is also going to be important to be able to be efficient throughout the 65 reps.

The same load is done across all movements. The Jerk can be done as a Push Jerk or Split Jerk.

The goal for your top athletes to go somewhere between 5-10min. This should be everyone’s time goal. We suggest you cap it around 12min.

The first set of Power Cleans should be able to be done in 2-4 sets. If your athletes know the weight is somewhat heavy for them and they want to be a little conservative, doing smaller sets with short rests is fine, just make sure their rest times don’t start to increase as they get more tired!

The limiting factor for most people is going to be the 20 Jerks. Not having the option of dumping it after each rep makes it a mental and physical challenge about how many reps they will do in a set. Most people will need to break these up into sets of 5+/-. Of course, they can dump it every rep, that just means they will be doing a lot more work.

The 15 Power Clean and Jerks will most likely be done one rep at a time and as the end starts to close in, they might start doing stringing a couple of reps together to get it done quicker. At this point, they will be fatigued, so make sure they are using their legs and are still positioning themselves well.

Metcon (Time)

20 Power Clean

20 Jerk

10 Power Clean and Jerk

Thursday 08/31/2017


Labor Day Hours – Class at 9am and 10am ONLY!
Nutrition Challenge Starts 9/6 – Come to our Info meeting 9/5 at 6pm!

Ashburn CrossFit – CrossFit


10 Alt leg extended holds

20 Leg pulses


Matt Chan A and B


(10 mins) Prep Movements

10 MB front squats

5 slam balls OR DB slams

10 scap pull ups + 10 kip swings on bar

10 barbell back squats

10 wall balls

5 slam balls OR DB slams

10 sec pull up bar hang

5 barbell back squats (heavier weight)

* Add weight onto barbell until ready.


After yesterday’s light, gymnastic, sprint stimulus, today features a combination of weightlifting and a bodyweight movement in an interval fashion EMOM style.

There are 4 movements and 4 quantities of that movement to be completed at the top of every minute for 5 rounds, a total of 20 minutes. Each movement is intended on being approached with an “unbroken” stimulus, whether that be a rep count or time under tension.

Back squats are to be taken off of the ground to free up pullup bar space and incentivize people to pick up the bar and do the set in one go.


Completion means you win! Feel free to mark down the weight of any of the movement or number of reps, but this is one where finishing is a victory.

Metcon (No Measure)

5 Rounds for completion:

min 1: 10 wall ball

min 2: 10 slam ball

min 3: 45sec supported bar hang (pullup bar)

min 4: 10 back squats
You should have some time remaining in each minute. There is no extra rest between rounds.

Wednesday 08/30/2017

Ashburn CrossFit – CrossFit


(15 mins) Partner warm up – all reps split between 2 people

40/30 cals bike/row

40 jumping pull ups

20 partner high five kick backs (perform kick back, step up, high five one another as you stand and jump)

20 partner high five sit ups (feet anchored together)

(10 mins) Shoulder prep

2 Rounds:

With a light KB or DB

10 halos

10 single arm bent row (each side)

10 scap push ups (retraction of shoulder blades, think retract and protract)

Then 2 Rounds:

10 wall slides

10-15 sec flexi swimmer stretch


(5 mins) Prep stations & heats

Perform one round of gymnastics movements (WOD movement and rep scheme)

(15-20 mins) Perform workout

* Feed people into bikes/rowers as they become available, allow for an additional 5 mins.


After Monday’s longer shoulder session and yesterday’s squat specialty, today we have a faster, sprint stimulus of gymnastic/bodyweight movements. The workout begins with a buy-in of assault bike. After the initial buy-in, athletes complete 5 rounds of a gymnastic triplet. The sit up is anchored in today’s workout, so people can use their arms, but they will need an object like a DB handle or a weight to anchor the top of their feet down. This will enable them to cycle much faster through the movement.

Rxd: These athletes should be on and off the bike in about 90 seconds, jacking up their heart rate and making movements that are fairly easy much more challenging. Encourage these athletes to perform their bodyweight movements unbroken. If done truly as a sprint, people will be able to finish this in around 5-7 minutes.

Fitness: For this group, sprinting on the bike may not be the best idea since it will likely put them into too much of a deficit for the subsequent movements. You want them to push themselves to about an 85% exertion, but forcing a 90% may make them reach the point of no return. Encourage them to be uncomfortable, but not falling off of the bike after they are finished. Then, they can go into the gymnastics triplet with more intensity and likely finish at a faster time. A good goal for these athletes would be to finish in about 7-9 minutes. Transition time will likely be the longest for these athletes.

Metcon (Time)

30/20 cals assault bike


5 RFT:

6 pullup

8 pushup

12 situp (anchored)
Spend no more than 2 minutes on the bike/rower. Aim to finish the WOD in 7-9 minutes

Elevate pushups with bar or box if needed. Scale pull-ups to jumping pull-ups.

Cool Down

Use ball to roll lats/pecs

Partner over the back pec stretch

Tuesday 08/29/2017

Ashburn CrossFit – CrossFit


MB relay game to warmup.

* Teams of 3-5 people with one MB, if different weights are needed, grab more than one MB.

* Person one performs a carry with the MB and then performs reps at the other side of the room with the ball, returns back to their team, then person 2 goes, etc.

*Each leg, fastest team chooses a quick penalty for other teams to perform, i.e. burpees, bear crawl, sit ups, etc. (about 15-20 seconds worth)

* If numbers in class are small, have single athletes race each other. 🙂

Leg 1 — 15 m MB Front Rack carry (jog or fast walk) –> 5-7 Zercher MB squats –> 15m MB Front Rack carry

2 rounds each person

Leg 2 – 15m MB shouldered on right side –> 5-7 MB slams (like a DB slam) –> 15m MB shouldered on left side

2 rounds each person

Leg 3 – 15m MB jog overhead –> 5-7 burpees over MB (scale to burpees w. lateral jump –> 15m MB jog overhead

1 round only


(5 mins) Mobilize Hips

10 Cossack squats (no weight)

10 Cossack squats (additional weight)

Long lunge sequence

(5 mins) Front squat

(30 mins) Perform workout sets

10 mins to warmup to working weight

Roughly 20 minutes to perform working sets, 1 set every three minutes


Front Squat (3-3-3-3-3-3-3)

Work fairly heavy across all 7 sets

Monday 08/28/2017

Ashburn CrossFit – CrossFit


10-20 Arm circle sequence

10-20 Seated shoulder extension stretch (leg rotations) start slow on this one

5 Hanging core sequence (rest as needed between reps)


(5 mins) Overhead/thoracic mobility

Hanging torso twist on pull up bar

Partner hanging thoracic stretch

* Mix up grips, perform one set with a wide grip (OHS grip), one in a regular grip (press grip), one narrow (thumbs touching).

Forearm stretch sequence

(10 mins) Prep workout

With a light weight:

10 KB presses R → 20 ft KB overhead carry

10 KB presses L → 20 ft KB overhead carry

10 KB swings (5 each)

Grab heavier weight/workout weight

5 KB presses R → 20 ft KB overhead carry

5 KB presses L → 20 ft KB overhead carry

10 KB swings (5 each)

(25 min) Perform Workout


This week is starting off with a longer triplet that is going to tax overhead stability, midline, the upper back, and grip. This workout is comprised of 1k of overhead KB carries, 100 KB swings, and 1k of rowing that is an ascending ladder of reps.

The KB overhead carry is utilizing one KB and you can switch arms as you would like to as you progress through your walk. You must be holding the KB overhead locked out to advance. This is performed as the KB resting on the back of your forearm, not with the KB bell straight up.

The carries will be most challenging for people as it is the most uncomfortable to hold these positions overhead. Heart rate will not be the limiting factor here, but shoulder stamina. Encourage athletes to use fast feet as they are walking to reduce time under tension, and help them keep a solid back position.

The KB swing and row will also tax the shoulders, but is a familiar pairing of movements where people will be able to move through and get their heart rate up.

Metcon (Time)

10 RFT:

100m KB carry (24/16Kg)

10 KB swings

100m row
Scale weight and rounds as needed.

Cool Down

Row an easy 250-500m, then spend remaining time on a forearm barbell smash.

Sunday 08/27/2017

Ashburn CrossFit – CrossFit


(10 mins) Agility Ladder

* Use one if you have it in the gym, otherwise, draw lines on the floor, OR create a ladder-like formation using PVC pipes.

2 rounds of each drill:

Stepping both feet into each square

Bunny hopping both feet into each square

Stepping one foot (alternating) into each square

Side stepping both feet into each square (alt leading side on 2nd round)

Side stepping one foot into each square (alt leading side on 2nd round)

Back pedaling into each square (both feet or one foot)

Karaoke drill into each square (alt leading side on 2nd round)

(15min) Gymnastics complex #3


10 situp to pancake

10 situp to pike (see video above)

10 scap pushup + shift

10 situp to pancake (compression) – with light plate

20 pike overs

20 straddle overs


Ring accessory work:

* Choose two out of the 6 movements to work on. (It can be different each session) and perform 3 x 5-10 reps of each alternating.

1. planche leans

2. false grip pullups

Windshield wipers (2 x 20 reps)

Beginner version: lying windshield wipers

* rest as needed between sets


(5 min) Review DB cluster

10 DB deadlifts

5 DB front squat

5 DB push press

5 DB thruster

10 kip swings

10 hanging knee raises

5 knees to elbow or knees to tricep

* Quickly review burpee K2E points of performance and scaling of the K2E portion.

* Grab heavier DB & perform DB clusters in sets of 3-5.


After a few days in a row of some shorter time domain workouts, we are hitting the 25+ minute time domain range with a triplet that is a grinder of pure mental and physical grit.

Shuttle runs are a great way for athletes to practice change of direction as well as jack their heart rate even more so than a typical run. Cones should be set up in your gym at 0 and at 10m, so when athletes run from one cone to another and back, it totals up as 20m, which equals 1 rep. In the first round, athletes are running from one cone to the other and back 27 times, or a total of 540 meters. If athletes have a hard time counting this many “reps,” have them draw a line on a whiteboard nearby and mark off every 3 shuttle runs they do (9 tick marks for the first, 6 tick marks for the second time they shuttle run, and 5 times for the third time they run).

Burpee knee to elbow is a movement that we seldom do, but it’s a great way to combine two gymnastic movements that are forcing a hip flexion. Athletes perform a burpee underneath a pullup bar, jump up to the bar, and then perform a knee to elbow as 1 rep. Try to make sure that athletes are not performing a burpee jumping knee to elbow unless they mean to.

The first two movements of this workout are fairly easy to stay moving with, with the biggest bottleneck and suck factor being the DB cluster. DBs start on the ground, are jumped into the bottom of a squat clean, and then thrustered overhead. The starting position of the DB does not need to be flat on the ground just as long as one side of the DB touches the ground.

Metcon (Time)

27 x 20m shuttle run

24 burpee knees to elbow

21 DB Cluster (50/35lbs)

18 x 20m shuttle run

18 burpee knees to elbow

15 DB Cluster

12 x 20m shuttle run
Scale burpee K2E to Burpee knee raises. Scale weight on Clusters.

Saturday 08/26/2017

Ashburn CrossFit – CrossFit


(10 mins) Partner Chipper – You go, I go:

(2 walking lunge steps (R+L) + 1 broad jump) x 26 reps

50 ring rows

50 calorie row/bike

(10 mins) Mobilize: In partners, alternate movements:

60-90 seconds per movement; 30-45 seconds per side

banded pigeon stretch / hip capsule stretch

banded hip flexor stretch / couch stretch

lacrosse ball upper back / banded pull aparts


(10 mins) Prep Stations

With a light DB, second round with WOD weight DBs

3 split squats (unweighted)

10 plank cherry pickers

3 split squats (unweighted)

10 DB plank rows (5 each arm)

With a plate: 1 round:

10 front rack lunges

10 plate presses

10 OH plate lunges

With a barbell: 1st round empty BB, 2nd round with WOD weight

10 front rack lunges

10 bent over rows


Today’s workout is a sequence of 3 couplets. Each couplet is a 4 minute AMRAP followed by 1 minute of rest for a total workout time of 14 minutes, but total work time of 12 minutes. All couplets feature some sort of unilateral leg movement (pistol, and two types of lunges) mixed with a row or grip carry. Reps are intentionally low so that you can do each movement unbroken and go quickly from one movement to the other within four minutes, ideally getting a good number of rounds per couplet.

Split squats are performed as all 4 reps on one leg and then all 4 reps on the other leg. The plank DB rows are performed with 2 DBs ideally, but if you are constrained on equipment, athletes can use one DB and switch arms mid set, alternating.

For the second couplet, the 100m plate pinch carry is one plate in each hand holding the top of the plate. Use the same plate for the OH lunges.

The last couplet is utilizing a barbell for the front rack lunges and the same barbell for the bent row.

All movements in every couplet should be able to be done unbroken with easy transitions from one thing to the next. The longest station will be the 100m plate pinch carry, so encourage your athletes to jog or walk quickly to get the most reps. Also, their grip will become a factor quickly, so the faster their feet move, the sooner they will get forearm relief!

Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)

AMRAP 4 min:

8 split squats (4 each leg)

8 plank DB rows (4 each arm) (40/25#)

rest 1min

AMRAP 4 min:

100m plate carry (15/10#)

8 OH plate lunges

rest 1min

AMRAP 4 min:

8 front rack lunges (4 each leg) (65/45#)

8 bent over row

rest 1min
Weights are meant to be light so the athlete can move quickly and get 4-5 rounds of each couplet.

Friday 08/25/2017

Ashburn CrossFit – CrossFit


(5 mins) Warmup

Min 1 – 10/8 cal row

Min 2 – 20 air squats

Min 3 – 10 band lat pull downs + 10 behind the neck (BTN) PVC snatch grip presses

Min 4 – hang on pullup bar with supinated grip

(15min) Gymnastics complex #2


10 Alt leg extended holds

20 Leg pulses

20 Leg lift circles

20 Hip bridge single leg circles


(10 mins) Grab a PVC pipe

Review OH Squaqt and SDHP

10 OHS w/BB

10 SDHP w/BB

2 more rounds adding weight

* Have people practice rope climbs between warming up the bar and getting ready.


Today’s triplet is a combination of 2 light barbell movements with a high complexity gymnastic strength movement. The intention is being short and fast through the barbell, but likely a bit slower paced during the rope portion. The OHS will tax the shoulders to stabilize the bar and the quads from the upright torso position of the squat. The SDHP will tax the back of the legs as well as the upper traps from the high pull. Legs and shoulders will feel extreme fatigue going into rope climbs, since the rep scheme is ascending, the last set of rope climbs will be very challenging! Most athletes are familiar and used to the 21-15-9 rather than the 9-15-21 scheme, so make sure that they know to approach this with caution!

Rxd: Although the reps seem small in this workout, the effect of leg and shoulder fatigue on rope climbs will be a big component! Encourage the 9 to be unbroken, the 15 to be in 1 or 2 sets, and instead of going completely unbroken on the 21, maybe break up into 2 sets and then push the last set of rope climbs more. Depending on rope climbing abilities, these athletes will be in the 12-minute range.

Fitness: There is a good amount of complexity in this workout for Fitness athletes with the mobility dependence of an OHS and then a rope climb. Be more conservative when scaling load for these athletes as we do not want them to reach failure on any movement, but rather grease the wheels in a combination of movements that is somewhat complex. The goal for these athletes is to get more time under tension in a setting that would likely challenge technique and positions. Midline will be a big component in all 3 movements in this triplet. This group will be upwards of 15 minutes.

Metcon (Time)


OH squat (95/65lbs)


4 rope climbs between each round
Scale rope climbs to raise and lowers. Be sure to lower all the way back down. Scale weight for OHS and SDHP. First set of 9 should be unbroken.

Thursday 08/24/2017

Ashburn CrossFit – CrossFit


(10 mins) Warmup (jump rope and a single DB (35/25))

1 min singles jumping (freestyle)

50m single arm DB waiter carry right + 50m left

1 min 10 singles + 5 doubles OR 1 double attempt

5 DB windmills right + 5 left

1 min doubles (or practice)

5 single arm DB strict press + 10 push press (15 reps on R then 15 on L)

1 min triple under or double under practice

(5 min) Mobility rotation — 30-45 sec @ each station

banded shoulder distraction (each side)

Jefferson curl

Wall/pole calf stretch

Thoracic extension over foam roller

2-3 rounds

(15 mins) DB accessory work (medium set of DB)

3 sets:

6-10 reps floor press

10 reps Arnold press (perform a standing press, but rotate dumbbells as you press)

6-10 reps bent over row (each arm) — do these without a bench, standing.

10 reps single arm standing high pull

* Decrease reps on floor press and bent row as you go, adding weight over rounds.

* Keep weight on Arnold and standing high pull same as you go, reps stay at 10.


(10 mins) Review shoulder to overhead

10 PVC strict presses

10 PVC push press

10 PVC push jerk

10 PVC split jerk

Warmup shoulder to overhead from ground over 2-3 sets.

(10 mins) Perform Workout


After a few days of long workouts, today’s workout is a sub 10 minute shoulder burner that is a combination of a moderately loaded barbell with double unders. The 7 shoulder to overhead is intended on being unbroken for the majority of the workout, but will likely become 2 sets towards the very end if people are truly going into a dark place and pushing their pace.

Athletes can complete the shoulder to overhead in one of 3 ways – a push press, push jerk, or split jerk. If any athlete can strict press the weight for rounds and reps, they should be scaling up. Ideally this couplet is being performed in either a push press or a push jerk for efficiency and intensity purposes. The split jerk foot pattern does not lend itself to keeping intensity high across all of these reps, however, if it’s towards the end of the workout and an athlete is finishing the last few reps of a set and wants to split jerk it in order to keep the set unbroken, go for it.

For the barbell, choose a load so that majority of the workout can be performed in 1 set, broken into 2 sets towards the end. No athlete should be able to perform the entire workout unbroken. They should be challenged into that dark place, however, if they are breaking it up into 2 sets within the first few minutes, then it’s too heavy!

Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)


7 shoulder to overhead (50-60% 1RM push press)

25 double unders
Scale DUs to singles

Cool Down

5 min :

KB calf smash

Racked Barbell trap smash

Wednesday 08/23/2017

Ashburn CrossFit – CrossFit


(10 mins) Teams of 3:

Running drill (timer)

Gymnastics rings

Dynamic mobility

100m Jog

False grip ring rows (2 sec pause @ chest)

Bird peckers

100m: high knees out and butt kickers back

Dip support (hold or practice)

Runner’s stretch (groiner)

100m: side shuffle: right leg leading out, left leg leading back.

Ring dip negatives OR jumping dips

Pole calf stretch

(15min) Gymnastics Complex #1


10-20 Arm circle sequence

10-20 Seated shoulder extension stretch (leg rotations) start slow on this one

5 Hanging core sequence (rest as needed between reps)


* Have everyone go through each of the progressions a few times. When they get stuck, they should stay there and perform 2-3 x 5 sets of that movement.

Backward roll + progressions into backward roll to handstand

1. Candlestick

2. Backward roll

3. back extension roll

False grip/pullup/muscle up work

* Have everyone go through each of the progressions a few times. When they get stuck, they should stay there and perform 2-3 x 5 sets of that movement.

1. False grip hang

* Scale this to hanging on a low racked squat rack/bar, or some low rings

2. false grip pullup

3. Strict bar muscle up

* For scaling, continue to use low bars for each movement.

arch rocks (2 x 20 reps)


(10 mins) Prep workout movements

10 BB bent rows

5-7 BB hang power cleans

5-7 BB hang power cleans (with more weight)

2-3 reps of muscle up/variation

5-7 BB hang power cleans (with more weight or at workout weight)


Today’s workout is a take on a benchmark workout named “Nasty Girls”, which originally included every movement in today’s workout except the run. With the addition of the run today, athletes will be able to take more time between their rounds to rest for the muscle ups, which is usually the bottleneck.

Encourage a steady pace throughout the workout and to hit the runs at a 75% so they come in and can air squat consistently without getting too jello legged. If athletes scale bar muscle ups, make it challenging in terms of complexity or ROM. Hang power clean should be a weight they can perform all 8 reps in a row, but definitely getting challenging right around rep 5.

Most athletes in this category will be 15- 20 minutes.

Metcon (Time)

3 Rounds:

400m run

30 air squats

7 bar muscle up

8 hang power clean (50% 1RM)
Scale BMU to jumping BMU or jumping chest to bar. Jumping BMU must have push out component.