Developing a Winning Mindset

Defeated: That’s the way I felt on the drive down to Virginia from Michigan some two years ago. Sure, I was excited. A change of scenery, warmer weather, a new life … but, in reality, I was crushed mentally.

Throughout most of my life, confidence had never been much of an issue (which my closest friends can attest) but during that drive in Spring 2017, I was a wreck inside.

I constantly felt fear. I heard this voice in my head, as if on repeat. It would say:

“You can’t do this.”

“Don’t pick up the phone.”

“You moved where to do what?”

“That class sucked.”

“I hate teaching the clean.”

The voice would go on and on…

It wasn’t until about a year later, three text messages from a friend, and a small accumulation of wins over time that would completely change my mindset.

The change in my mind began by reading. Self helps, self confidence, sales books, items such as these that many of us have read. Through all my reading and practice there are two things that have stuck with me and fueled the desire to win in my head. One, is a short passage from a book and the other is a handful of text messages from a mentor.

The first, was from Mark Divines “The Way of the Seal”. This is a great read, and I highly suggest it to anyone. Even though Mark details a full schedule on how to approach life and control the thoughts in your mind, I only took one very small portion away from his writings. It’s something he describes as  positive self talk. No specific directions were given on what to say, he merely suggests to tell yourself you are capable of doing certain things (e.g., “you’re going to hit this lift”). This stuck with me.

The second item was a inspirational speech of sorts. It was written to me by a friend, a mentor…someone who’s had a significant impact on my life. As a leader and coach at Ashburn CrossFit, I’d love to say I walk through the door with blood bursting energy 24/7, but that would be a flat out lie. I’m human and I feel emotion just the same as all of my beloved members do. Anyway, about a year ago this member came to me and asked a simple question: “how’s life?”. At the time things weren’t great. Things were tough in multiple capacities. Thankfully, this man possesses the ability to read me like a book. He knew something was up and a few hours later after I returned home from the gym. When I looked at my phone there were three unread text messages from him.

The three text messages whether he intended it or not turned into my “daily inspirational speech”. This became my daily motivational reading. It’s this item more than any others that has transformed my mind into a winning attitude. Today, I’ve read these words close to four-hundred times (once each morning before I begin my day), and even as I write a small script of these words now, I still get chills.

“This is your test. Your test to show the world what type of a business man you are. This is business, real life. And right now you have people trying to take away your ability to eat. In this world, only the hungriest are the one’s who eat, only the hungriest are going to win. The question is Brandon…do you want to win?”

I added one sentence. It’s the last thing I read before I walk out the door and go about my day. It reads:

“I am going to win.”  

– Coach Brandon


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