Making Your Bed

Dear Mom,

You’ve done it! After 27 years, I’ve finally decided to make my bed at the start of each morning.

My whole life I’ve been in some rebellious state against my parents. You know…Because I know more than them…(yeah right, what a joke).

For the length of my entire childhood my Mother was on a mission to make sure all five (yes, I said five) of her children made their bed each morning. I often thought “oh good, something else I have to do for my Mother.”. But lo and behold, my mother was up to her jedi mind tricks again.

Anyone ever have this moment…”Damn my Mom was right.”. If you’re anything like me, this has happened a lot. In fact, I stopped keeping count when I was about twenty when I broke the quadruple digit barrier.

This simple task was about action. Taking action at the very beginning of each day so that I would in turn have a productive day. It took me a while to discover this and it was only after reading Admiral William H. McRaven’s “Make Your Bed” (here’s the link: bed/590145001/​) that I connected these dots.

So to you Mom, it only took 27 years, but you can sleep sound knowing your lessons even to this day, even 500 miles away, even years later still have an impact on my life.

Team, the morning sets the tone for day. Make your bed. Until next time. Stay cool.

– Coach Brandon

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