Drew Duncan

"CrossFit Stories: Drew Duncan"

Drew came to us on referral from a friend who had lost 60 pounds doing CrossFit. Three months in, Drew has dropped 26 pounds and his joints are pain free for the first time in a long time....

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Eric and Andrea Arce

"CrossFit Stories: Eric and Andrea Arce"

After being lost in the gym and working through multiple injuries Andrea decided to give CrossFit a try. Now, she's injury free and loving the family atomsphere Ashburn CrossFit provides. Eric was talked into CrossFit by his loving wife (Andrea). In h...

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Holly Suarez

"CrossFit Stories: Holly Suarez"

She had not been in a gym for 20 years. She was diagnosed with Vertigo. 18 months later...CrossFit has changed Holly's life....

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Robin Lillis

"CrossFit Stories: Robin Lillis"

I began my journey on a lifestyle change of eating properly…NOT to diet, but to truly understand how using food as fuel would put my body in the right condition to do what it is designed to do…function properly. The by-product of this was weight...

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