Robin Lillis

"CrossFit Stories: Robin Lillis"

I began my journey on a lifestyle change of eating properly…NOT to diet, but to truly understand how using food as fuel would put my body in the right condition to do what it is designed to do…function properly. The by-product of this was weight/inches lost, but more importantly…a clear mind and better sleep.What I was missing was the physical aspect to this package. Crossfit came across my path by accident. I had no idea what it was or how it worked, but I was intrigued by the idea of knowing there was a programmed WOD, had no idea what that was either…hahaha…and I would be finished in 60 minutes. Then came Ashburn Crossfit…before I even saw a workout, I was greeted by the owner and others who had just finished their WOD…HOOKED right there…seriously!2 years later I get to walk into my Box, ACF as often as I like, WOD with like minded people…whom I know by name…and be led by an amazing Coaching Team. I am SOMEBODY, who gets to work towards the healthiest me I can be…have fun along the way in some competitions…2 Murph’s; 2 Muscles de Mayo; 2 Crossfit Opens and a Flex on the Mall. I love hearing my name being cheered for and making my Coaches proud of how far I’ve come…at 56, YES, I want to not only make myself proud but make my Coaches proud.There are a lot of people who say “I can’t do Crossfit”…can’t means won’t…all I can say to that is, what have you got to loose? If you’ve been looking for a way to not only feel healthy and strong…but truly become healthy and strong, Crossfit is for you.Thanks for listening,RobinWife & Mother of 3; Nana of 4; full time caregiver to aging mother.

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