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Hot pizza!!!!

Plank Hold Work


1. Floor Press: This one is new, and as adults, we don’t do it that often. Basically here is what you’re looking for:

– Straight body, will legs out long. They CAN be bent at the knees if that is more comfortable with feet flat on the ground. BUT…. the important part is to push the back, ALL OF THE BACK, into the floor. They’ll have to really squeeze their belly to make it happen.

– Arms start at a 90 degree angle with elbows on the ground.

– Grip the bar in a clean width.

– Push the bar straight up. It actually arcs backwards a tad to be above their shoulders at the finish.

Call “Squeeze the belly, Squeeze the glutes. Push to the sky!” for each rep they practice.

Start with PVC. Have them do reps on your call. Start with finding the start position. then find the top position. Then have them do full reps on your call. Finally have them do a set of five on their own. You may wind up having them pair up on this one too. Try to keep them solo, but if it makes logistics easier to pair them up, go for it. 🙂

IF they are solid in form, start with the super light bars. You can add a little weight if you want.

2. Plate flips: This one is like a thruster. Grab the plate on the sides with thumbs out (at 3 and 9 on the clock). Stand and pop the hips as the plate flips on the way up to be pushed to full extension over the head.

Look for – Angry Gorilla Chest

Big Hip Pop

Full Extension of the arms overhead

Practice reps on your call. They should all be able to do the ten pound plates. If not, go to the fives.

3. Bear Crawl – Really important here that the kids put weight into their arms and shoulders here. They’ll get tired and bring their hips down, or barely put their hands down keeping all the weight in their legs. We want to build their arms and shoulders here. It’s just one way down from one green line to the opposite green line. Just practice a few do


wn and backs with them.

Flow will be important in today’s WOD. Save one Lane for the Bear Crawls. Have the kids share the set of squares just in front of the rig. The line of squares next to the wall should be saved for the bear crawls.

Metcon (No Measure)


10 Floor Press

5 Plate Flips

12m Bear Crawl
The Bear Crawl will be from one breen line to the other. Have them all go in the same direction, so no one bumps heads.


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