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Ashburn CrossFit – KIDSTRONG

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1. Down and Backs:


Bunny Hops

Bear Crawl

Crab Walk

Kangaroo Jumps

2. Head, Shoulders, Knees and……..BALL:

Kids pair up and face their partner with a dodge ball between them. They will hang out in the bottom of a squat while coach calls out “head”, “Knees”, “toes” , “ears”, etc…. and kids touch that part with their hands. Call out “Ball!” and the partner who gets to it first wins. The other partner does 4 or 5 reps of something you decide.


1. Goblet Squats – WHen squatting, always build the skill. Start with just air squats. Make sure that is moving and working well, then you can have them add weight. ALways use boxes. These guys are always changing due to growth spurts etc. So I really want to get them to practice good motor patterns.

– Air Squats 3-2-1-0 (3 seconds down, 2 second hold at the bottom, 1 second up, no rest between)

– Air Squats – no hold, regular pace. Make sure they are keeping their midline solid.

– Only when you see it solid, add a small KB or DB for the goblet squat. They should be able to do 10 fresh with great form at their chosen (or given) weight. You should always assign their weights. 🙂

2. Ring Rows – One rep starts from full extension, to rings to chest, then back out to full extension. You’re looking for the body to stay super tight. If they are arching, have them step their feet in a little closer.

– Find extended position

– Find top position

– Find extended position again. Explain that this is a full rep.

– Five Ring Rows on your count.

– Another set of five on their own.

3. Jump Rope, Fast Feet. Size the up, and let them go. 🙂 ALL athletes should try to practice the jump ropes. IF they are super frustrated or trip a lot, you can switch them to fast feet.


The only reason to partner here is the ring rows, so we don;t have to set too many up. If you find them waiting for equipment, have them wait while doing jumping jacks. 🙂

Metcon (No Measure)


7 Goblet Squats

7 Ring Rows

20 Fast Feet or Jump Ropes

Rest 2 min


7 Goblet Squats

7 Ring Rows

20 Fast Feet or Jump Ropes
WOrk with a partner. One athlete will start on the Squats, and one on the Ring Rows


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