You vs You

November 2013

$100 down, $15 a month: This is where my fitness journey began some five years ago. No, it wasn’t a CrossFit gym (I wish it had been), but it was a start.

I was 6’1″ and a 155-pound beanpole with next to no muscle mass. I was skinny, I had an extremely hard time putting on weight, I wasn’t strong, and for the first time in my 22 years of existence, I lacked confidence.

I remember walking into the gym and thinking “Damn … I’m never gonna look like that guy.” Or, “I’ll never be able to lift much.” Or, “I’ll never be able to do those things.”

I’m not sure how I stumbled upon his content, but somehow in the very beginning of my lifting days I found Greg Plitt (RIP).

See more info on Greg here >

Greg was a former Special Forces guy turned fitness pro. He was awesome. Greg had a saying: “Check your pride before you enter the gym, it’s only you vs. you.”

In my early insecure days of fitness, I remember holding this saying close. It didn’t matter what the guy next to me was lifting. The latest Hollywood trend didn’t matter. All that mattered was if I was able to lift more than the previous week. To add the next few pounds or reps to my movements, to continue to build strength and mass little by little.

I still hold this close today. CrossFit is a beautiful tricky beast. We have movements we love and excel at, and then we have the ones we hate and we struggle with. Good — this will only make us better. In the moments of self doubt, when you look to your left and right and begin to compare yourself to the people next to you, remember that shit doesn’t matter.

The only thing that matters is that you are able to lift a little more, move a little faster, and a little better than you did the week before.

It’s just “you vs. you.”

– Coach Brandon

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